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Google’s Shopping Ads have expanded its reach to more countries, Bing’s remarketing bid adjustments to help advertisers adjust bids according to audience lists, showing your ads on Google Maps, Facebook custom audience updated options available to advertisers and more in this week’s PPC News recap.

1. Reach more customers with Shopping ads in new countries

With shopping ads now made available in 30 countries, advertisers can largely benefit by expanding the reach of their campaigns to these multilingual companies.

shopping ads chart adwords


2. Effectively target your audiences with the new remarketing bid adjustment opportunity

Remarketing bid adjustments lets you adjust your bids of your audience lists. Here is how you can get started with it and also about setting up audience targeting.


3. Speed up your search text ads with AMP landing pages

In the coming weeks Google will be launching using the fast loading AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) landing pages for your search text ads and ensure a better landing page experience.



Chadd Powell discusses how Facebook has expanded the remarketing audience with more options to create your custom audience list. Learn what has been updated and what the new options mean.

facebook audience list


5. How to Choose the Best Landing Page for E-commerce PPC Campaigns

Selecting the right landing page and understanding how it is performing is crucial for your campaign’s success. Andrew Lolk discusses about finding the best landing page so that your campaign is able to drive results.


6. AdWords Audit Template

Here is a comprehensive audit template that helps you with the key tasks to audit from your AdWords account once up and running.


7. Four Facebook Remarketing Ads That Enhance E-Commerce Revenue

Facebook’s custom audience helps you narrow down your audience reach. Shane Barker shares four types of remarketing ads that you can make use of to uplift from the audience list and increase your revenue.

facebook custom audience


8. Invasion Of Google Maps Ads – Helpful Or No?

Julie F Bacchini explores and evaluates the ads on Google Maps, how users may interact with these ads and how advertisers can show their ads there.


9. Optimize your GDN accounts with more hidden gems

Want to optimize your Google Display campaigns? Pauline Jakober shares some of the optimization tips that are mostly overlooked and can be your teeny step towards making significant improvements.


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