Expanded Text Ads Excel Template

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Standard Ads is a thing of the past now. Expanded Text Ads is the new ad format that offers more real estate to advertisers. The transition phase is over and to initiate your ETA led campaign you might want to come up with the right messaging.   So what do you  need to ensure you… Read more »

Competitor PPC Audit – Why is it Important For Your PPC Account?

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PPC audit is a key task for advertisers. To withstand the competitive winds, advertisers must not only optimize AdWords account (auditing campaign settings, ad copy, keywords, targeting etc.) but also audit the competitive landscape.     Doing this ensures that you don’t stay  behind the competition and have a complete know-how of your competitors PPC activities…. Read more »

Weekly PPC News – Ad Customizers with IF and Default Values, Bing Ads ECPC and more

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Here is the last week’s recap of PPC posts that discusses about competitive strategies to build for your search and organic actions, Bing Ads ECPC, new AdWords experience, Negative Keywords. Learn about all this and more in this post.   1. Bing Ads advertisers getting results with Enhanced CPC Bing Ads discusses how ECPC has been… Read more »

Mobile Marketing & Measuring its Success

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Building on the micro-moments is what Google’s focus point was during their keynote session last year. The prospect of mobile marketing was speculated to be humongous along with a recurring deterrent – How to measure mobile success?   Then and now the question prevails as to how to determine mobile’s contribution in marketing campaigns. A… Read more »