Why Device Type Analysis Is Important To Determine Your AdWords Traffic Inflow

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With customers using varied platforms to access information, advertisers are using this as an opportunity to reach out to them with their message wherever they are. However, simultaneously it becomes crucial to ascertain which is the source of traffic that is driving results? Knowing so, helps tailor your message as per the device type or invest… Read more »

[Product Update] Moving from “Converted Clicks” to “Conversions”

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“Converted Clicks” and “Conversions” are two major conversion tracking metrics available in Google AdWords.  These conversion metrics drive almost all of the actions by advertisers.  Here’s a simple example to illustrate the difference between these two metrics.   Consider, you are running an online store.  Think of scenario where a user clicks on your ad and… Read more »

Easily Share Preview of Expanded Text Ads

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Earlier this week, we announced, the availability of Expanded Text Ads Preview Tool for Google AdWords. We have received useful and encouraging feedback for this tool.   Aden Andrus of Disruptive Advertising says, “this is a great way to get ready for the upcoming update.” Thank you for the kind words, Aden!     Since the announcement… Read more »