Top PPC Posts – Oct 2016

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This month, Bing Ads won the race by releasing the Expanded Text Ads for advertisers worldwide. What’s more, Google made the PPC space keep buzzing with their new Click-to-message ad extension, a discussion sure to gain momentum in the coming months. All this and more announcements and updates in this month’s recap of top PPC posts.

What Does AdWords ‘Conversion’ Metric Cover?

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Conversion, the metric that helps measure your campaign performance is an inescapable part of your AdWords account. You set up the tracking code to determine your conversion actions and how your paid ads have contributed in it. So what has changed? Conversion metric still remains an inevitable part, but what has changed is its components… Read more »

Merkle | Digital Marketing Report Q2 2016 – Highlights

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The Q2 digital marketing report shows some interesting findings on how paid search is eating away the share of organic search even though the paid search spend dropped steeply from the last 4 quarters. Other insights include, data on the performance of expanded text ads beta stage, dropping CPCs, increased clicks on Google’s PLA’s, Facebook ad trends… Read more »