[Transcript] Google Adwords – Expanded Text Ads

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Expanded Text Ads, the much hyped announcement made earlier this year during the Google Performance Summit was made officially available by July 2016. To help users make optimal use of ETAs, Christine Machado, Global Products Specialist ETA and Scott Lambert, Product Manager on Expanded Text Ads discuss about the best practices ,benefits of Expanded Text Ads vis-a-vis Standard… Read more »

[Transcript] Bing Ads API Expanded Text Ads Workshop

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After briefly sharing Bing’s interest in Expanded Text Ad up during the Bing Ads Quarterly API Call – June 2016, Jamie Chung (Program Manager, Bing Ads Campaign) further gives an overview of the new ad format, attends to some of the common FAQs and shares timelines of expected pilot run. All this was shared during a workshop hosted… Read more »

[Transcript] Bing Ads Quarterly API Call – June 2016

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In the Bing Ads Quarterly API Call on June 15th, 2016, the team at Bing Ads discussed about upcoming projects and developments taking place in the Bing Ads API roadmap. Some of the key highlights of this call was Bing Ads working towards supporting Expanded Text Ads, announcing the Structured Snippet and Shared Budgets.

[Transcript] Bing Ads Webcast – The Art & Science of Ad Copy Testing

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Bing Ads recent webcast was on the ‘Art and Science of Ad Copy Testing’, where speakers discussed about how to be creative and analytical with your PPC ad copy. Moderated by MJ DePalma and virtually moderated by Frances Donegan-Ryan, SEM Pro Marketing Manager, Bing Ads, Mircrosoft , the speakers of this session were Purna Virji (Sr. Bing Ads Client Trainer,… Read more »