[Transcript] 20 Questions with Today’s Top CRO Experts

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An interesting talk where experts attended to some of the questions around Conversion Rate Optimization. Moderated by Kieran Flanagan (VP Marketing, HubSpot) the panelists of this Q&A session were Pamela Vaughan (Principal Marketing Manager of Optimization, HubSpot), Larry Kim (Founder & CTO , Wordstream), Oli Gardner (Co-founder, Unbounce), Peep Laja (Founder, ConversionXL) and Rand Fishkin (Founder, Moz).

[Transcript] Bing Ads Advertiser Science Series – The Science of Remarketing

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Bing Ads Advertiser Science Series latest discussion topic was about Remarketing and the nuances that can make businesses benefit from it.  Discussing the remarketing tactics in detail, Frances Donegan-Ryan (SEM Pro Marketing Manager, Bing Ads), Purna Virji (Sr. Bing Ads Client Trainer, Bing Ads), Christopher Walleck (Program Manager, Bing Ads) shared some insightful tips and tricks about… Read more »

[Transcript] Google Ads & Analytics Innovations Keynote

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The Google Performance Summit held on 24th May 2016, shared some interesting developments that Google is introducing in the search engine advertising space. Expanded text ads, a sneak peek into the revamped AdWords interface, easy bid adjustment basis device types, demographics for search ads and many more major improvements and enhancements were shared with the world.

[Transcript] Bing Ads – Upgraded URLs Workshop

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Hosted by MJ DePalma (SEM Pro Channel manager, Bing Ads), this workshop has Jamie Chung (Program Manager, Bing Ads) explaining how Upgraded URL’s simplifies ad tracking and improves URL management. Further he explains the features that advertisers must be prepared for when Upgraded URL’s gets rolled out. Learn the details in this workshop and get trained

[Transcript] Tracking Conversions On a Website With AdWords

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How your campaign is performing can be determined easily with the help of conversion tracking. This tool not only helps you track a conversion action (purchase or filling up a form etc.), but also helps you carve your business objectives better (sales oriented or leads oriented). AdWords recently published a video tutorial that takes advertisers through the nitty-gritties… Read more »