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You already know that for optimal RoI on your AdWords campaigns, it should have a healthy negative keyword list. (If you didn't know that, you should just go ahead and sign up. We will show you how you can save a sizeable percentage of your ad spend.)

Working on negative keywords feels like going to gym - you know you should do it, but there are so many other things to do that the gym loses out. You want to change the bids, try out new ad copies, make a few tweaks on landing pages, dig into details of reasons for change in conversion rate and other 73 things.

Obviously, these things are more important than negative keywords, you may argue.

The reason is you do not like this task much is that it requires you going through mountains of data manually to find out some worthwhile negative keywords. Excel macros may take you a little ahead, but it is still a suboptimal tool as it doesn't really make matter significantly better. Given the paucity of time, this task often fails to justify the return on your invested time.

But, what if, you were given a list of negative keyword candidates to select from? Better yet, what if, along with these keywords, you get the potential impact on the campaign, if added as negative? Then, all you need to do is click a button when you find a negative keyword.

We make adding negative keywords that simple.

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System learns from your actions and you have to spend even less time every week.

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Learn about negative keywords

Negative keywords help you focus your AdWords campaign to only the keywords that are relevant to your business. By adding negative keywords, your ads are not triggered for certain search terms which you do not wish to target. This helps you cut down the wasted ad spend. Sometimes, adding keywords that are converting poorly helps you improve campaign performance. If there are certain keywords that are not relevant to you and have a poor CTR, adding them as negatives boosts overall campaign CTR. Higher CTR translates to better Quality Score and lower CPC. Thus, negative keywords help you drive your ad spend lower without affecting the quality or quantity of conversions.

We will help you dominate negative keywords easily.

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