AdWords Script To Track Performance of AdWords Experiments

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AdWords Experiments lets you configure and test changes that can be later applied to your original campaign. For a large account with multiple experiments, keeping a track of all experiments and their performance might be a tedious task. We have created a script to consolidate and track the performance of your experiments in your account.

Raise Your Quality Score With Our AdWords Script

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Google ensures users get to see relevant ads and not the ones for which advertisers pay most. To make sure that this objective is met, quality score play a pivotal role. But tracking down your quality score for individual keywords might be utterly time consuming. To simplify the process, we have an AdWords Quality Score… Read more »

AdWords Script to Identify Duplicate Keywords, Including Close Variants

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It’s been 2 years since AdWords removed the option to exclude close variants from exact and phrase match keywords. But, there are many accounts out there which continue to have close variants as separate keywords in their accounts.  At best, having close variant duplicate keywords in the account is harmless. You continue to get the… Read more »