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Not all important information can be covered in your PPC ad copy. In order to highlight specific things about your business, ad extensions play a crucial role. Here is a script that can help you monitor your ad extensions.

Here are some of the key benefits of using ad extension:

Additional Information – Ad extensions lets you offer other information that you might miss out mentioning in your ad messaging. 

Impacts your ad rank – Adding ad extensions affects your quality score as both your CTR and ad relevance eventually improves the ad rank.

Make your ad more authentic – With your business details such as the phone no. or the business location mentioned in the ad copy, the user has no doubt left on the authenticity of the business.

 Improves CTR – As your ad offers more information, a user is more likely to click it.

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Here is a list of the ad extensions available with Google Ads:

  • Sitelink Extensions – If your business has a specialized requirement for a search query then you can use sitelink extensions to highlight such aspects of your business.
  • Callout Extensions – Any other information missed out in your sitelink extension and ad copy, can be added in callouts
  •  Structured Snippet Extensions – If you want to add context to your products and services, then structured snippet extensions help highlight that.
  • Location Extensions– If you wish to direct your customers to a physical store then location extensions help meet that purpose
  • Call Extensions – If calls are valuable for your business, then you must use this extension but simultaneously make sure that you schedule it a time when your team is available to attend the calls made.
  • App Extensions – If you would like your customers to download your app then use this extension.
  • Price Extensions – If you wish people to see different options and prices of your products/services than this extension is a must.
  • The automated extensions helps add more valuable and trustworthy information.

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About Ad Extension Disapproval Alerts Script

We have created a script that will send a notification whenever an extension is disapproved. You can schedule this script to run every day or every week. If you are scheduling the script, you should change the SEND_EMAIL_ALERT variable. With this script you can quickly set things into action and make the necessary edits to have your extensions up and running.

You can get the script here

How to use Google Ads Ad Extension Disapproval Alerts Script

For those who want to understand more about this script, here are the variables that you can change to customize it to your requirement.

EMAIL_RECIPIENT – Here insert the email id where you wish to receive notification about the generated report

IS_MCC_ACCOUNT : This flag is to indicate whether you will be running this script at MCC-level. By default, it is set to false. Change it to “true” if you want to use for all the linked accounts in your MCC account. The results for each account will be stored in two separate sheets – one with raw data and one has the summary. Be careful, if you have many many accounts.

FILTER_ACCOUNTS_BY_IDS – If your MCC account has tons of linked accounts, you may not wish to run this script for all account IDs then turn this flag to “true” and specify the variable in ACCOUNT_IDS_TO_SELECT. Only the account IDs mentioned here will be analyzed.

FILTER_ACCOUNTS_BY_LABEL – If your MCC account has tons of linked accounts, you may not want to run this script for all the accounts. In that case, turn this flag to “true” and then specify the label with ACCOUNT_LABEL_TO_SELECT variable. Only the accounts with the specified label will be analyzed to generate this report.

Once again, here is the link to Ad Extension Disapproval Alerts Script.

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6 Responses to “Monitor your disapproved ad extensions with this Google Ads script”

  1. Manvir Singh

    Thank you for providing the script and I was trying to implement that for my accounts but I got this error “Invalid reporting query: PLACEHOLDER_FEED_ITEM_REPORT. (file, line 106)”

    • Sachin Doshi

      Hello Mr Manvir Singh,

      Thank you for reaching out. The script seems to be working fine for us.
      Are you using the latest script available at the above link? If have made any changes to the script, please send us the updated script (or the updated lines) . Are you using the script in MCC account or in an Ad account? Also it will help us to debug if you can share all the log messages. You write us to


  2. David Peake

    I have disapproved extensions (sitelinks, callouts) in a couple of accounts, but this script is not detecting them. I have tried running the script at both MCC and ad account level but it just says, “There are no disapproved ad extensions.” I also tried another account-level script I found on Github, but it also didn’t detect the disapproved extensions. Has something changed to cause these scripts to stop working?

  3. Raluca

    I applied your script to MCC level on accounts with a certain label and i am getting this error:
    10/18/2022 12:20:16 PM InputError: feed_item.policy_infos is not a filterable field.
    at new aH (adsapp_compiled:17221:13)
    at new rH (adsapp_compiled:17439:22)
    at (adsapp_compiled:18107:12)
    at (adsapp_compiled:18252:21)
    at Object. (adsapp_compiled:19059:54)
    I respected all info provided above in the article…but it does not seem to work. Is it obsolete ?

    • Sachin Doshi

      Hi Raluca,

      Can you try switching off the toggle button named “New scripts experience” for this script? The toggle button is accessible towards the top right on script-editor page.

      The script still uses old AdWords APIs. We will migrate it to the new Google Ads APIs soon. But, until then switching off the “New scripts experience” will work.


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