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Features & Benefits

Our typical customers are savvy search marketers like you, who like to understand product features in sufficient depth. Hence, the verbose-looking prose. If you are in a hurry, check the headline above and be assured that we deliver on that promise.

Customized Negative Keywords Recommendations : The negative keyword recommendations are solely based on the search terms and the associated performance data in your account. These recommendations are customized specifically to your account and campaigns in it.

Precise Negative Keywords Recommendations: Our software analyzes the Search Terms Report (i.e. actual search queries typed by users to visit your site) and identifies terms that have consumed significant budget without delivering any conversion. Easily block these terms to stop showing your ads for those keywords. Save the budget being spent on terms that are not bringing any business.

Reports with Historical Data: Generate negative keyword recommendations using the campaigns' data for any duration - anywhere from 1 week to 1 year. Longer duration data covers business seasonality, if any. Historical data will ensure you don't accidentally block terms that have converted well in past.

Multi-Word Negative Keyword Recommendations: Single term negative keywords can block wide range of traffic. Multi-word negative keywords ensure that you can block "free sample," but, traffic for "free shipping" keeps on coming. (This is also called n-gram analysis.) Precise blocking of phrases with appropriate match type means you don't need to sacrifice high-converting traffic while blocking poor quality terms.

Account, Campaign, Ad Group-level Recommendations: You get negative keyword recommendations at any level in account hierarchy.

Informed Decisions with Impact Analysis: For each negative keyword recommendation, you can see the exact impact it will have on your campaigns. You can dig deeper to see the actual search terms in which the recommended negative term appeared, along with performance metrics of that search term.

Sync to Campaign & Negative List: When you accept a negative keyword recommendation for a campaign or ad group negative keyword, that term will automagically will sync to your account. You don't need to spend any time to find out the campaign, ad group or shared negative list and add the negative keyword there. Oh yeah, we do support shared negative lists.

Similar Negative Recommendations: If your campaign has the negative keyword "download," your ads may still get shown for its close variants like "downloaded" or "downloads". Based on your existing negative keywords, you will see close variants that you want to block as well.

No Automated Changes - You Are the Boss: Software is no match for human intuition. No one knows your business better than you do. Hence, our software only makes recommendations. Only the negative keywords you add explicitly will be sync'ed to your account.

Shopping, DSA and Broad Match Campaigns: Shopping Campaigns or Dynamic Search Ads do not have keywords. Pure broad match keywords are mostly guidelines to the system. The only control you have on traffic is negative keywords. If you are running an online store, negative keywords should be at the top of campaign management activity.

Move Campaign Negatives to Shared List: Easily move campaign negative keywords to the shared negative keyword list and apply the list to multiple campaigns.

Export to XLS: If XLS is an indispensable tool for you, each of the report can be downloaded in XLS format.

Even More Features

Ad Performance Report: Our tool provides you recommendations for ads optimizations. You can download an XLS report with details of performance of various ad copies. This actionable report highlights which ads you should pause and which ones should be let run, along with a what-if analysis. Our customers have seen up to 20% improvement in their campaigns performance (increased conversions and reduced CPA) with just ads optimization.

Multi-User access control for Agencies: For agencies, only one user needs to sign up and authorize the access to MCC account. You can invite your team and give them access to the clients' accounts. Every team member does not need to separately set up the authorization. What's more, changes done by one member are visible to the other team members with access to that account.

Bing Ads Support: Bing has a meaningful share of search traffic in USA and is growing in other geographies such as Europe. Our product offers all the aforementioned features for Bing Ads as well.

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