Drive More Sales to Your Amazon Store with Google Ads

Accurately measure ROI of Google Ads

About half the buyers start their shopping journey with Google search. If you are running ads on Amazon, you are capturing only 50% of the potential shoppers of your products. To reach the other half of buyers, you need to advertise on Google.

Amazon provides you Amazon Attribution tools to identify the overall effectiveness of your Google Ads campaigns. But, it has certain limitations.

This is where Karooya comes in.

Keyword Tracking With Karooya’s Tool for Amazon Attribution

With Amazon Attribution, currently, you can’t set up keyword-level tracking. So that’s a miss. Here is how our tool helps you get into the depth of your Google Ads campaigns:

Keyword Level Tracking: We assist with keyword-level analysis with our Google Ads and Amazon Attribution integration feature. For a given duration, we show you how much money a keyword has spent along with the total sales on your store from that keyword.

Advertisers can track sales down to the keyword level. It can give them a deeper insight into how well their Google Ads campaigns are doing. You can then check the underlying search terms of that keyword to see which queries result in your ads getting shown.

Create & Assign Labels: We create and assign labels to keywords based on ROAS (Return on Ad Spend). After assigning the labels to the keywords, you can then raise or reduce the bids of keywords in the Google Ads UI based on those keywords’ ROAS.

Automated Bidding Solution with Portfolio Bidding: Adjusting bids manually is cumbersome, time-consuming and possibly error-prone. You may miss out on updating bids regularly as well.

Instead of updating bids of keywords based on their ROAS, we provide you a bid automation solution. You specify ROAS goal for a campaign or group of campaigns, and the keyword bids get updated automatically based on their performance. No manual intervention necessary!

A portfolio is a collection of all the keywords in a given set of campaigns. Sometimes, many keywords don’t have enough data to make a bidding decision. In such cases, we use the data from the portfolio to help with making individual bid decisions. The Portfolio Bidding Solution of our Attribution Tool sets a higher or lower bid depending on the performance of the portfolio. You can choose to either make the bid suggestions manually or automatically enable this feature. This way, it helps you achieve higher ROAS from all the keywords together and drive higher sales volume as well.


We have some customers who run a large and successful ad campaign on Google and drive a significant fraction of total sales from non-Amazon channels.

We have also helped a customer increase their sales by more than 20% within 6 of weeks using portfolio bidding.


The pricing for keyword-level tracking and bid automation solutions are separate. Both the pricing start at $600 for 6 months (effectively $100 per month) for ad budget of $5,000 per month. Please reach out to us for a customized pricing.

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