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Amazon Attribution helps you identify and attribute sales to the external promotional campaigns for products listed on Amazon. Giving the source its due credit aids in understanding the platforms that work well and providing insight into how to improve the platform to increase conversions.

In this post, we will focus on Google Ads campaign, though a similar practice could be adopted for other platforms that you would be putting to use. Make use of the features from that respective platform and test what contributes in the conversion process.

Here are some of the ways you could improve your Google Ads campaign for Amazon-listed products

Focus on highly relevant keywords

You could improvise your bidding for highly relevant keywords so that your ad shows for sure. A highly targeted approach gets you the relevant clicks that will eventually result in a conversion. Though the keyword limit is huge for ad group, still the best rule of thumb is to ideally have 20-25 keywords per ad group. Here is a post on why you should have a limited yet targeted range of keywords in your campaign

Use ad extensions

With ad extensions, you add an extra layer to your ads. It helps display specific details of your targeted product that will help the user make decisions faster. For instance, if a user is looking for a mobile phone then adding the features in the ad extension will show them the specifications that will spearhead their decision-making process. We have a handy script that helps you monitor disapproved ad extensions.

Limit your time of running ads

Using the ad schedule feature you can limit the time for showing your ads. If your listed product receives maximum hits during specific day(s) or time of the day, then you can target your ads to run aggressively during that time period. It is to ensure that of all products your product gets more visibility during peak time.

Limit the geographies where your ad shows

Similar to when you want to show your ad, where or to which location you want your ads to cater can be specified by using location targeting. If certain geography is performing better than the rest, then you can adjust bids for them and bid higher to make sure the majority audience is coming from your targeted or preferred location. Here is how you can identify your user’s location and target the ones that are giving you more conversions than the others.

Create keyword-rich ad copies

Make ad copies powered with relevant keywords and that carry product attributes as mentioned in your product listing page. This ensures uniformity of the message and what’s being promised is being delivered. On the other hand, it also powers your ad with relevant search terms that users might be searching for, making them find your ads more reliable and click-worthy. You could make use of ad customizers to personalize the messaging according to the user’s location, any offer that you are running, specific keywords, etc.

Add Negative Keywords

By using negative keywords, you not only optimize your campaigns but save your budget from getting depleted on irrelevant terms. This makes for a more effective keyword approach than leaving it open-ended.

With all these ideas put into practice, take your Google Ads campaign to the next level and push more conversions than before. If there are more tried and tested ideas, we would be happy to hear them in the comments below.

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