Adding campaign name and ad group name in bulk as custom parameter

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For marketing professionals managing extensive campaigns and ad groups, accurately attributing traffic sources can be a complex challenge. This blog post explores a valuable technique: bulk adding campaign and ad group names as custom parameters, that will help you gain immediate efficiency and unlock deeper data insights to optimize your campaigns. In this post, we… Read more »

Step-by-Step Guide to Integrating Amazon Attribution for Google Ads

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In paid search advertising, the ability to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns is paramount. If you’re an Amazon seller using Google Ads to promote your products or store on Amazon, you’re likely no stranger to the challenge of tracking the performance of Google Ads and understanding its impact on your Amazon sales. Thankfully, there’s… Read more »

5 Competitive Intelligence Tools To Elevate Your Amazon Ads Strategy

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Dominating the ever-evolving Amazon marketplace requires constant adaptation and keen awareness of your competitors’ maneuvers. Understanding their strategies isn’t just about copying – it’s about uncovering your own blind spots and identifying areas for improvement. This allows you to strategically level up, close the gap, and fight for top rankings with greater confidence.

Debunking Common Quality Score Misconceptions in PPC

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Quality Score is a crucial metric in Google Ads, directly influencing your ad ranking and cost-per-click. Yet, despite its importance, numerous misconceptions surround it, leading to confusion and potentially hindering campaign performance. This article aims to dispel these common myths and provide clarity on how Quality Score truly works.

Monthly Roundup | Top PPC News | November 2023

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Google responds to Chrome’s third-party cookie changes with the Privacy Sandbox Protected Audience API, ensuring privacy and effective re-engagement. Microsoft Advertising introduces Monetize Insights for streamlined revenue monitoring, while Google enhances holiday shopping experiences. Explore these updates and more for a comprehensive understanding of the evolving digital advertising landscape.