Free AdWords Audit Tool

Free AdWords Audit Report

Free AdWords Audit Report

Your car needs regular servicing. You want an expert to take a complete look at your car and suggest minor and major repairs. This is true for your AdWords account as well.

AdWords is complex. It is easy to miss out on some of the issues. Many small issues, together, can act as a drag. Given fewer ad slots and rising CPCs, you want your account to compete effectively.

The biggest reason many of these issues fall through the crack is that finding them is more time consuming than actually fixing.

This free AdWords tool gives you concrete and actionable ideas to improve your account's performance. A comprehensive AdWords audit checklist is used to identify issues and opportunities for growth. A PPC account audit can easily cost you thousands of dollars. You get the same in-depth PPC audit report, for free.

Here are the highlights of audit report's contents.

Negative Keywords Recommendations

Identify the search terms that are eating up disproportionately high chunk of your budget without contributing to conversions. This is wasted ad spend that you can stop by adding negative keywords.

Match Type Adoption

Know if your account is using all the keyword match types effectively and identify growth potential. Beautiful charts will show you how various match types perform on key metrics like Conversions, Clicks, total spend, CPC, Impression Share. You may need to focus on match types that may be lagging.

Expanded Text Ads Adoption

This is, arguably, the most important feature launched by Google (and Bing Ads) in 2016. There is more space to write longer text ads, with two prominent headlines. If you are not effectively using expanded text ads, you might be losing out to the competition. The audit report will show you in-depth performance report for ETAs with special focus on how ETAs compare with standard ads.

Quality Score Report

Start with the overall picture of account performance by Quality Score components - Expected CTR, Landing Page Experience, Ad Relevance. And then drill down to specific keywords that need your attention.

Device Performance Report

Learn how your campaigns are performing on each device for the important parameters like Spend, CPC, Clicks, etc. This report will help you gauge the size of opportunity.

Missing Extensions

Ad Extensions let you highlight various aspects of your business relevant to the specific searches. You will know which campaigns are missing out on extensions juice. Having all extensions enabled is one of the easiest way to raise your CTR.

For Agencies - Win More Clients

Here's how Karooya's AdWords audit tool will help you win more clients.

Request the prospective client to link their account to your MCC account. With your MCC account associated with Karooya, you will get an audit report for this prospective client.

Our comprehensive AdWords audit report will show the opportunities for growth and optimization in the account. You can now craft a custom pitch to the client that includes the findings of audit report, and a promise of performance improvement.

Our AdWords audit report will do all the heavy lifting that could take many hours. You can curate the ideas from the report and present to the client.

A custom pitch that talks about specific issues with the client account is more likely to win you the business.

Support for Bing Ads

You can get a PPC audit report for your Bing Ads account as well. Get your free audit report for Bing Ads account here!