How well do you know negative keywords?

You know about keywords in AdWords. You also know how to block irrelevant traffic using negative keywords. You manage bunch of AdWords accounts and regularly do search query audit to identify negative keywords. You do, right?

But, just how well do you know negative keywords, with all their idiosyncrasies?

We will help you measure your understanding of negative keywords with this quiz. It will test the depth of your knowledge about the negative keyword match types.

Take this 10-questions quiz to find out where you stand.

If you get some questions wrong, you can re-take the quiz.

Please note that the questions are a little tricky! It either asks 'when your ad will show' or 'when your ad will not show'. Read the question thoroughly before submitting your answer.

Once you complete the quiz with flying colors, go brag about your skills to your friends on Twitter and Facebook. All the best!

Scores :

  • 1-4 : Welcome to the exciting world of PPC. Never stop learning.
  • 5-7 : You have fared better than many PPC managers out there.
  • 8-9 : You probably spend every waking hour thinking about PPC
  • 10   : We bow to you, PPC Yoda!

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How well do you know AdWords? Give this negative keywords quiz a try.
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