Negative Keywords Tool for Amazon Ads

Reduce your advertising cost on Amazon Ads. Quickly & Easily.

The real performance data for your account lies with the search queries that keywords attract. The search queries show what your customers are actually entering in the search box.

We run a deep analysis of search queries to identify the traffic that have very high ACoS compared to rest of the campaign. Add our negative keyword suggestions to your account and cut down wasted ad spend. We help you spend your budget on searches that grow your sales.

Features & Benefits

  • Single and multi-word negative keyword suggestions - Identify the common phrases that are performing poorly in your account.
  • Save time with one click addition - Add the keyword right with our tool and it gets automatically updated to your Amazon campaign.
  • Auto campaigns do not have keywords. Only way you can control traffic to auto campaigns is negative keywords.
  • Test your own negative keyword ideas - Know past performance of any search term before you add it as negative keyword.
  • Export negative keyword suggestions as Excel sheet to run your own analysis.
  • Support for major languages - Apart from English, our software can analyze most of the European languages. Give it a try.
  • Discover new keywords : Search query analysis will show you search terms that you can add as keywords to your account.
  • More features coming soon - We are working on more features to turbo charge your Amazon Ads campaigns. Stay tuned!

Why Us?

Our customers have realized savings of tens of millions of dollars with our negative keywords tool for Google Adwords and Bing Ads. We bring the same powerful tool to Amazon Ads.


We are currently offering this tool for free till the end of 2018. We are likely to extend it further. We will inform all our customers about the price change well before we roll it out. Trust us on two things - One, we won't suprise you negatively and two, the subscription fee will be utterly reasonable.


If you are too busy to optimize your account, we will do it for you. Subscription fee for this service starts at $100 per month. Please send us an email for the quote.

Have a question?

Feel free to send your queries to Sachin & Shashi, co-founders of the company, will respond you.