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Feature: Negatives Keywords Tool

Negatives Keywords

We run a deep analysis of search queries to identify the traffic that have very high ACoS compared to rest of the campaign. We help you to identify Negative Keywords as well as Negative Product Targets easily.

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Feature: Search Term Archival Service

Search Term Archival

Amazon Ads allows access to the precious search terms data only for last 60 days. Our software will take backup of your search term data every day. Never lose your search terms again!

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Feature: Ad Scheduler Tool

Ad Scheduler

Instead of running your ads 24x7, run your ads during the time when your customers are most likely to be online. Automatically pause and enable your ad camaigns with our Ad Scheduler.

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Search Term Archival

The real performance data for your account lies with the search queries that your ad campaigns attract. These are search queries that your customers are actually entering in the search box for which your ad was shown.

Amazon Ads lets you download these search terms along with the performance metrics such as impressions, clicks, cost, revenue, etc. But they allows access to the data only for last 60 days. So, if you ever need to do any statistical analysis of the data for a longer duration or if you want to do a trend analysis, you have to download and archive this data regularly.

Karooya will automate the task for you. Karooya will fetch and archive the data every day. You will be able to access all the search terms at any time in the future.

More Compare performance-change over time and discover Campaigns, Ad Groups, Keyword and Search Queries that are losing traction. Read this article to know more.

Sign up and link your Amazon Ads account with Karooya and you will never lose your search terms data again.

Historical Search Term Prformance data Download historical performance
Compare Prformance data over time Compare performance change over time

Negative Keywords Tool

All ad campaigns attract traffic that is either irrelevant or is performing very poorly.

Based on what we have seen with our customers, it's not unusual for an Amazon Ads account to spend 10 to 20% of the budget on such irrelevant and/or poor performing traffic.

You may already know that you can stop irrelevant traffic using negative keywords. But, identifying negative keywords is so excruciating and time consuming, that you haven't done it in a really long time, if at all.

It's time to fix that.

Our enterprise-grade software will do deep analysis of the search query data for your campaigns and precisely identifies irrelevant and poor traffic. It then groups the traffic by search themes and recommends Negative Keywords and Negative Product Targets that you can add to bloc this unwanted traffic.

You can easily review the past performance of the traffic and the actual search queries before blocking them.

The software also makes it easy to view product pages that are recommended as Negative Product Targets.

A recommended Negative Keyword and Negative Product Target can be added easily with one click. Thus, just a few minutes of review every week will keep your campaigns in a great shape.

More Account-level Negatives recommendations will tell you which terms are not working across campaigns. Easily manage common negative keywords across campaigns using shared negative keywords lists.

Sample Negative Keywords Recommendations Negative Keyword Recommendations
Sample Negative Keywords Recommendations Negative Product Target Recommendations
Sample Negative Keywords Recommendations Expand Recommendation

Ad Scheduler

Your Amazon Ads campaigns start utilizing their budget from the midnight itself. But, you may not want to spend on those non-functional hours as your customers are not actively present.

The need for dayparting in your campaigns becomes highly important your business operates on a specific day or time or if your ads are performing well on certain days or/and time or day.

Unlike other paid search platforms, Amazon Ads doesn’t have support for ad scheduling, yet.

But we offer a solution.

With our Ad Scheduling tool you can automatically pause and enable you ad campaigns as you desire. Read more.

Sample Ad Schedule For Amazon Ads

Integration With Google Ads

Integrate Amazon Attribution

If you are using Google Ads to drive traffic to your products on Amazon, we can help you integrate Google Ads with Amazon Attribution.

A closer integration between Google Ads and Amazon Attribution will help you get a detailed insight into what traffic on Google is driving sales of your products on Amazon. This will help you adjust your bids on Google to efficiently acquire traffic on Google.

For this we offer two solutions. If you are already running ads on Google for Amazon store, we offer a robust tool that helps you track sales at keyword-level and automate your bids. If you are not already promoting your store on Google, we offer a comprehensive service to set up your Google Ads account from the scratch for success. Send us an email to get started.

More Features & Benefits

  • Single and multi-word negative keyword suggestions.
  • Save time with one click addition. Add the keyword right with our tool and it gets automatically updated to your Amazon campaign.
  • Auto campaigns do not have keywords. Only way you can control traffic to auto campaigns is negative keywords.
  • Test your own negative keyword ideas: Know past performance of any search term before you add it as negative keyword.
  • Export negative keyword suggestions as Excel sheet to run your own analysis.
  • Support for all major languages: Apart from English, our software can analyze most of the European languages. Give it a try.
  • Discover new keywords: Search query analysis will show you search terms that you can add as keywords to your account.
  • Identify Duplicate Keywords: Discover duplicate/redundant keywords in your account. Pause them to ensure you don't have internal competiton among the keywords. Read more.
  • More features coming soon - We are working on more features to turbo charge your Amazon Ads campaigns. Stay tuned!

Why Us?

Our customers have realized savings of tens of millions of dollars with our negative keywords tool for Google Adwords and Bing Ads. We bring the same powerful tool to Amazon Ads. Read what our customers have to say about our tools.


We are currently offering this tool for free for accounts with monthly spend less than $3,000. After that threshold, our subscription starts at $600 for 6 months (effectively $100 per month). Please contact us to know pricing for your Amazon Ads account.

Last Month's Spend Subscription Fees (Total amount for 6 months) Expected Savings
Up to $3,000 FREE $3,000 per annum
Up to $10,000 $600 $12,000 per annum
Up to $25,000 $1,200 $20,000 per annum
Up to $50,000 $2,000 $40,000 per annum
Above $50,000 Contact Us Lots of money!


If you are too busy to optimize your account, we will do it for you. Subscription fee for this service starts at $100 per month. Please send us an email for the quote.

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