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Save 10-15% of your monthly search ad spend in minutes. Now with a generous free plan.

"I was able to trim about 15% of our TOTAL ANNUAL spend. This money was being completely WASTED! I'm so, so thrilled I found Karooya, this is an actual game changer."
  - Robin Weber, (Read more customer testimonials...)

6 Months Subscription Plan

Analysis using up to last 12 months' data
Account and Campaign-level negative keyword recommendations
Generate reports for last 3/6/12 months.
Support for regular campaigns, shopping campaigns, DSA campaigns, pure broad match keywords.
Support account-level and MCC-level shared negative lists.
Support for Google Ads & Bing Ads (Check Amazon Ads product here)
Optimization reports for text ads, device bid adjustments, and in-depth keyword Quality Score analysis.
Last Month's Spend in an Account Subscription Fees (Total amount for 6 months) Expected Savings
Up to $10,000 $600 FREE (Really!) $12,000 per annum
Up to $25,000 $900 $30,000 per annum
Up to $50,000 $1500 $50,000 per annum
Up to $100,000 $3000 $100,000 per annum
Above $100,000 Contact Us Lots of money!
Subscription Fees is the total for 6 Months. For example, ad spend up to $25,000, the subscription fee is $900 for 6 months, effectively $150 per month.
Done For You Option - If you are busy, we will optimize your Google Ads / Bing Ads account for a fee starting at $500. Please reply to welcome email for this service.

Agencies : Your free plan includes reports for up to 5 client account with monthly ad spend less than $10,000 each. We have separate pricing for agencies with multiple client accounts of Google Ads, Bing Ads, Amazon Ads. Please sign up for the trial and send us an email ( to know the details.

All plans come with

  • Free Audit Report for Google Ads (AdWords) & Bing Ads Accounts - Your paid search account may go sideways if it is not actively managed. A comprehensive audit report will highlight many growth opportunities.
  • Knowledgeable and Helpful Support - You will get your queries answered by people who are working on this software. We can get on a call, if required. We will try our best to answer your email within 24 hours.
  • Transparent Pricing - We do not charge any setup fees. Our pricing is independent of number of keywords or campaigns in your account.
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction - If you are not happy with our product, we won't charge you.


Why are you offering a free tier?

Honestly, no one asked this, but we are answering since it is a valid question.

Two Reasons. One, some of our customers want us to handle the negative keywords for them with our Done For You option. We get paid for the service rather than the software. The customers who don't require our service, can continue to use just the free tier of our software. (We won't pester you with a pushy sales pitch for service. Promise!)

Two, we have received requests from a few advertisers to waive off fees when their business is impacted by current health situation. These customers will benefit from the free plan.

So, what's the catch with free tier?

There are two limitations - First, you need to send our support an email about new reports to be generated. We will be able to get you new reports once every month. API requests with ad platforms cap the number of report requests. We would like to remain in those prescribed limits for the customers in free tier. Second, you will be able to access the negative keyword recommendations only for 7 days after the reports are generated. If you don't use this opportunity, you will have to wait till next for the new reports.

I'm happy with free tier. Can I still pay you?

Sure. You can pay us the subscription for the next paid tier.

I'm happy with free tier. What can I do for you?

Please send us a testimonial. Tell your friends about us. We like praise as much as the next PPC software tool.

Why does your software not have <missing_feature>?

Over the years, ad platforms like Google Ads and Bing Ads have matured and offer many automation tools natively.

For example, third-party bidding used to be big thing till recently before Google offered an array bid solutions that were native, superior and free. New keyword discovery used to be important, but once you start running your ads, Google provide you new keyword suggestions.

Google provides Drafts and Experiments to run A/B test attributes like ad copies, landing pages, bid strategies. Experiments is more robust and precise than any third-party tool. Reporing tools with Google are richer and more complete, making the need for another reporting tool less pressing.

Negative keywords automation continues to be an area where these platforms don't shine. We fix that for you.

Other tools already have a negative keywords feature. Why do we need another tool specifically for this task?

For other software tools, negative keywords is just another box that needs to be ticked. For us, that feature is entire product, because we think it deserves a lot more attention that usually given. Hence, our negative keyword recommendations are of much higher quality.

For a tool with "just one feature", it look .. ... expensive.

That's not a question, merely an observation and objection. But, we will address it, anyway.

Our tool offer at least 10x ROI on paid subscription. If we charge you $1,000, we would be disappointed if we don't save you at least $10,000. In most cases, the savings are much higher, especially for the accounts with really large ad spend.

Do I really need one more tool for PPC?

We do one thing, but we do it really well. We spend most of our effort on making negative keyword automation faster and better. In fact, we want you to spend less time on negative keywords so that you can spend more time on other creative aspects of PPC management.

We are not boastful, but if you rank the ROI of all the tools that you use for managing your search marketing, we whould show up near the top. We will prove our utility every time you review our recommendations.

Over 700 customers have identified 127,000+ negative keywords that will save them $11.3 million USD per year on Google Ads (AdWords) / Bing Ads / Amazon Ads. Here are some of the actual savings of our customers.

Savings achieved by customers with Karooya's Negative Keywords Tool

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