Maximize Your Sales: Drive Traffic from Google to Your Amazon Store

Why run ads on Google if you already run ads on Amazon?

  • Reach: About 50% of the product searches start on Google. If you are promoting your Amazon store only with Amazon Ads you are missing out on half of your potential customers.
  • Top of Funnel vs Bottom of Funnel: Amazon Ads capture the demand at the bottom of the funnel. Google Ads provide you a mechanism to target Top of Funnel users, who have started their shopping journey on Google.
  • Ride on Amazon Brand: Since you are sending traffic to Amazon, all the reputation enjoyed by Amazon is available to your account. Your ads will get displayed prominently with various extensions eligible for Amazon.
  • Improved Organic Ranking: It is commonly accepted wisom that driving external traffic to your Amazon store boosts the organic ranking of that product. It is possible to measure this impact.
  • Superior Conversion Rate: Conversion rate on Amazon tends to be higher due to various factors. Your ads on Google enjoy better conversion rate than other advertisers on Google.
  • Protect Your Brand: You can keep competitors advertising on your brand terms at bay by promoting your Amazon store.

Our Services

  • Keyword Research: We will identify the keywords relevant for your products.
  • Campaign Set up: Keywords will be organized in ad groups and put in specific campaigns based on themes.
  • Ads and Ad Extensions: We will create the ads for your products. We will also create all the relevant ad extensions applicable for your products. Your existing description for the product will be reused so that the ads are consistent with message that you want to convey to customers.
  • Measuring the results: We have built the Google Ads to Amazon Attribution bridge solution so that keyword-level performance can be accurately measured.
  • Portfolio bidding: We will use the sales performance on Amazon to decide the bids for the keywords on Google. Our bidding solution is superior to the rule-based bidding. We can discuss it during the call.
  • Incrementality measurement: The external traffic driven to your store will likely result higher sales of your product that can't be fully captured. We will measure the indirect impact on sales of your product due to Google Ads. This will help you make better decision about effectiveness of Google Ads.


  • One-time Setup Fees: This set up fee will cover the services to build out the campaigns and launching them. If you have an existing account, this fee still be applicable, but we will consider a reduction in fees depending on the work done so far.
  • Recurring Monthly Fees: Post account setup, we will be charging a low monthly fee. We require a commitment of minimum of 6 months. If you feel confident about managing the account yourself, you can manage the account on your own after set up. Monthly fees for our services will not be applicable in such a case.

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