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If you are spending at least $50,000 per year on search advertising, here are 4 things you need to know.

1. Google Ads (formerly AdWords) is getting expensive

First page minimum bids for Google Ads has gone up by 15%. Even the CPCs for Brand terms are going up by about 25-30%.

The cost to show your ads on Google is headed in one direction - Up.

First-page minimum bids continue to rise

2. Google Ads is getting competitive

The number of ad slots on desktop have been reduced from 11 to 7. If you don't think highly of bottom of the page for ad location, you have to be in top 4.

A leading search marketing expert predicts that the rising cost of search marketing may drive 50% of advertisers to move away from Google.

Here's another example of Google Ads getting competitive.

Twitter post

3. Organic reach is diminishing

If you are relying on organic search traffic to bring you business, here's a screenshot that shows why it is going to be a tough proposition.

Here's a recent article on above-the-fold monetization and ad labeling that highlights prominence for ads. Also, starting July 2016, Google is showing 4 text ads on mobile.

Can you imagine what this SERP (taken last evening) will look like once all ETAs?!?!

4. Irrelevant traffic is a problem

If you are not paying close attention to the traffic your search ads are receiving, there is a chance that, at least, part of your budget is being spent on irrelevant traffic. Some times that amount could be as high as a million dollars. Ouch!

A comprehensive research says advertisers are not paying enough attention to fix irrelevant traffic. 50% Google Ads accounts did not add a single negative keyword in last 30 days!

Negative Keywords Article


If you want to advertise on fiercely competitive search advertising, you need to make sure that your campaigns are laser-focused on getting the traffic that converts well.

Karooya's negative keywords tool is primarily focused on fixing the quality of traffic for your search ads. We help you save your precious budget, quickly and easily, by eliminating poor quality search traffic to your campaigns.

Cut Down Wasted Ad Spend in Your Google Ads Campaigns
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Our customers have saved over 4 million dollars in annual ad spend
Web profits consulting, UK

This tool is simply amazing! It allows us to mine negative keyword data in a way that is impossible to do manually, identifying opportunities to save money and improve conversions. Furthermore the full suite of tools allows us to identify new opportunities to generate additional conversions. This is the only Adwords tool that we use every single day, and most days we discover a new way of using the data generated, for the benefit of our clients.

PPC Pros at Web Profits Consulting,

Rahul Gupta, Founder, PLAHero, India

I have easily saved 100s of hours - no more hassle of copy-pasting and managing multiple spreadsheets to discover and manage negative keywords. This negative keywords tool is immensely helpful!

Rahul Gupta,
Founder, PLAHero,

Karooya Featured at SMX

Marcel Prothmann, VP of Paid Search at Peak Ace, presented a deep dive on PPC tools at SMX, Munich 2015. SMX is a search marketing conference for experienced internet marketers. He talked about Karooya for negative keywords automation. Check the slides 63-66 of his presentation. The slides are in German, but it's easy to guess that he has some flattering things to say about us.

Learn about negative keywords

Negative keywords help you focus your Google Ads (formerly AdWords) campaign to only the keywords that are relevant to your business. By adding negative keywords, your ads are not triggered for certain search terms which you do not wish to target. This helps you cut down the wasted ad spend.

We will help you dominate negative keywords without sifting through the mountains of data.

Cut Down Wasted Ad Spend in Your Google Ads Campaigns

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