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Karooya: Ad Spend Pattern in Typical Search Ads Account

PPC Optimization Service

How will we benefit? We will help you reduce your ad spend by 15-20% without hurting the conversions, leads or sales. Put it differently, you will get up to 20% more sales in the same budget!

What is it? We will do a deep analysis of your Google and Bing Ads accounts to identify the areas that are resulting wasted ad spend. The primary areas are poor quality traffic to your campaigns, poor performing ads in your account and settings-related issues. We will fix it.

Are we eligible? If your business spends $10,000 or more per month on Google Ads, we will materially reduce your ad spend. If your ad spend is lower, you can still check with us.

But we already do it. Why do we need you? Some areas of managing search ads get limited attention due to ongoing work. We bring a fresh perspective to your ads account.

Is this a recurring service? No. This is a one time service. If you want to do another check after 6 months, feel free to reach out again.

How much does it cost? We charge a fixed fee. Our fee starts at $1,000 for an account with monthly ad spend of $10,000. For a customized quote, please send us an email. Typically, our fees will pay for itself in the first month.

What if you are unable to deliver us results? If you are not happy with the results, we will refund you the fee.

I would prefer to do it myself. Please check our Do-It-Yourself software tool ahead.

I have a few questions. Please send your queries to sachin@karooya.com.

Free Negative Keywords Tool

The most common way of losing money is to pay for the traffic that (a) you don't want, (b) doesn't convert at all, and (c) converts very poorly.

This is wasted ad spend. We have found that the wasted spend ranges anywhere from 10% to 20% of the total ad budget. We have also seen eye watering numbers, but thankfully, those are a rarity. Others have saved a million dollars with negative keywords.

We help you save wasted ad spend. You can identify and block poor quality traffic to your campaigns with this tool. And we help you do it quickly, like in 10 minutes. Minute for minute, this is the highest ROI activity that you will do for your campaigns.

Generous Free Tier. We charge a very low rate for our negative keywords tool. What's more, we offer a generous free tier. Check our pricing for details.

How It Works

  1. Sign up for free trial (No credit card required)
  2. Link your (Google or Bing) Ads account
  3. Get your coffee while we get your reports ready
  4. Add negative keywords and save your ad budget

Results for our customers

$12+ Million Saved in Annual Ad Spend
130,000+ Negative Keywords Added

Why are negative keywords important?

  • Match Types behavior has changed to include close variants as well as similar words. Search engine does a good job of matching the search term to keywords, but it's not always the case. Negative keywords block the inaccurate variants of your keywords.
  • Even with billions of searches every day, 15% of the searches are new every day. The ever changing user behavior shows up in your search terms. This new traffic nibbles on your ad spend, if you are not careful enough. Hence, you need to regularly block new traffic.
  • Sometimes, keywords don't meet your performance expectations. You can block a subset of search terms while keeping other traffic to your campaigns.
  • Search ads now occupy a larger screen real estate compared to organic results. And, cost of ads continue to rise year after year. You may be losing organic traffic, which now you have to replace with paid traffic. You want to ensure that you are spending ad dollars as efficiently as possible.

Our Process

Do a Deep analysis of Search Terms to identify single and multi-word phrases that are performing poorly.

You can do it manually with Excel, but it's tedious, time consuming and lacks the depth. We have published a guide on how to do it manually. Software is better at it than you. You get to work on strategy and creativity where no software can match you.

We do all the heavly lifting to bring the worst offenders in a single screen. All you have to do is to accept or decline the recommendation. The accepted recommendations magically sync to your Ads account. No more error-prone activity of copy-pasting from excel to ads editor or web interface.

You have the control on which terms to be added as negative keywords. Software does not make any changes automatically to you campaigns.

You can generate negative keyword recommendations for duration of last 1/3/6/12 months. And you can refresh these reports at any time.


Web profits consulting, UK

This tool is simply amazing! It allows us to mine negative keyword data in a way that is impossible to do manually, identifying opportunities to save money and improve conversions. Furthermore the full suite of tools allows us to identify new opportunities to generate additional conversions. This is the only Adwords tool that we use every single day, and most days we discover a new way of using the data generated, for the benefit of our clients.

PPC Pros at Web Profits Consulting,

Rahul Gupta, Founder, PLAHero, India

I have easily saved 100s of hours - no more hassle of copy-pasting and managing multiple spreadsheets to discover and manage negative keywords. This negative keywords tool is immensely helpful!

Rahul Gupta,
Founder, PLAHero,

Customers love it

Watch our customer Sam Baldwin of KeyCommerce talk about importance of negative keywords and how our tool is useful to identify the same.

Karooya Featured at SMX

Marcel Prothmann, VP of Paid Search at Peak Ace, presented a deep dive on PPC tools at SMX, Munich 2015. SMX is a search marketing conference for experienced internet marketers. He talked about Karooya for negative keywords automation. Check the slides 63-66 of his presentation. The slides are in German, but it's easy to guess that he has some flattering things to say about us.

Learn about negative keywords

Negative keywords help you focus your Google Ads (formerly AdWords) campaign to only the keywords that are relevant to your business. By adding negative keywords, your ads are not triggered for certain search terms which you do not wish to target. This helps you cut down the wasted ad spend.

We will help you dominate negative keywords without sifting through the mountains of data.

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