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Keyword Variations in PPC

As you already know, the behavior of Exact and Phrase match in Google AdWords now includes close variant. That means, if your keyword is [blue widget], then not just the search query "blue widget" will trigger your ad, but search queries like "blue widgets", "blue widgetry", "blues widget" will also be shown your ad.

If you don't want your ads to be shown for say, the queries containing the variant "blues", you have to add the term "blues" as an adgroup-level negative keyword.

But, you may not know all such keyword variants up front.

This is where this free tool will help you.

Enter a term and it will show you all the variants of that term. If you find any of the term irrelevant to your business or service, you can add that variant as adgroup level negative keyword and stop wasted clicks, impressions and money.

Second related use case. When you add a negative keyword to your campaign or adgroup, Google will block occurrences of that exact term. That is, if you add download as broad negative keyword for a campaign, your ads may still get shown for downloading, downloaded, downloads, etc. Hence, while adding a negative term, you should also add its variations (at least the top variations) as negative keywords.

Keyword Variations in SEO

As you already know, searchers use variations of terms such as different forms of words, singular and plural forms, stemmings, misspellings, etc. If you are targeting a particular keyword to rank, using only that particular keyword may limit exposure to the keyword. You might be leaving some traffic on the table.

Check the results for these two almost similar queries. One of them has 4x the results than other.

Incorporating all the variations of the term in your copy will increase the universe of terms for which your page will be ranked.

Your SEO efforts will bring traffic only for the original keyword, but also the keyword variation, its keyword variations and keyword variants.

A question you might ask: How can you possibly claim to show every variant of a given term?

Answer: Well, you are right. But, here is a small secret. We have analyzed tens of millions web pages to come up with these suggestions. They cover a really large percentage of variants that searchers are likely to use.

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Keyword Variation Tool in Action

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