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Importance of Wikipedia in Keyword Research

"With 30 million articles and 18 billion page views monthly, it's probably one of the largest, yet most-overlooked, sources for keyword power."
    -  Neil Patel on Using Wikipedia for keyword research

"When we use keywords phrases, search engines hunt for other phrases and concepts that relate to one another. So our first job is to expand our keywords research to incorporate these related phrases and concepts."
    -  Cyrus Shepard of Moz on Advanced on-page topic targeting

This keyword research tool gives you the concepts and keyword phrases extracted from Wikipedia.

Why use this tool?

Semantic Keyword Research Search Engines have moved on from pure text-based analysis to more semantic search that takes into account concepts. Try searching for things to do in new york and it will show you see concepts search in action.

Create Authoritative Content The primary theme of your content needs to be augmented with ideas that are related to that topic. The secondary themes provide weight to the primary content. Your will be to create highly relevant, authentic and authoritative content.

Uncover Hidden Opportunities This tool will uncover hard-to-find ideas related to a topic. For a given topic, this tool will tell you all the key terms that occur with it. These terms would have never come to your attention easily.

Get High ROI for Your Efforts While everyone focuses their PPC and SEO efforts only on the well-known terms, you can work on different terms for the same topic. Dominate the niche with non-existent or low competition.

Save tons of time You may already be using Wikipedia for keyword research. But, for that you keep on typing "search term + wikipedia" on Google. Cut down all the efforts and get exactly what you want, really fast.

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