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Karooya helped me in reducing my research time significantly, back before Karooya it usually took weeks for me to optimize my ads with effective negative keywords to bring down ACOS, but Karooya helped in making the entire ADs optimization process an easy-on-the-go process. Definitely a great product and I highly recommend it.

- Karmugilan Jayachandiran
Pangid Services, India

I first learned about Karooya when I stumbled across one of their free ads scripts years ago. The free content they provide for Google Ads users is amazing. And their negative keyword tool is a huge time saver. It's impossible to manually keep up with search queries that are a waste of money so being able to do it in bulk is extremely helpful.

- Tina Arnoldi
360 Internet Strategy

I stumbled onto Karooya in April 2019. At that point Karooya’ software created reports for negative keywords for my Google Ad Campaigns. Upon receiving the reports, I read through all of them. Once I finished reading through the reports, I started to implement many of the suggestions of keywords to ad to my negative keyword list(s). One thing that I liked is that the implementation doesn't take much time. Within a couple of weeks I noticed an improvement on my Google Ads campaigns. My overall cost per click and cost per conversion seemed to be less and my conversions seemed to increase. I think your software is incredible and would highly recommend it to anyone managing their own Google Ad Campaign(s).

- Michael Cubell
CEO, Raleigh’s Bartending School

Mining your account for negative keyword candidates is one of the most important things you can do to make a successful Google Ads campaign. This can be a very tedious job if you have a lot of big campaigns and it can be very difficult to master. A year ago I discovered Karooya, a negative keywords tool for Google Ads and Bing Ads and it has saved me from many hours of work every week on our big ad account. Karooya is an amazing tool to find and manage negative keywords for your campaigns. It's so easy to use and it will save you a ton of money. You have to try it to believe how good it is, they offer a free trial so you have nothing to lose.

I have tried all kind of Google ads tools that are available, some good, many bad, but Karooya is hands down my favorite and the most important tool I have used. It's probably also the tool that has saved me the most money. While many tools often try to help with too many different tasks with various results, Karooya specialize in one thing, Negative Keywords! And this they do better than anybody else!

- Lars Hanssen

Karooya is the biggest thing since the invention of toasted bread! I have tried all online platforms, and no other service gives you as comprehensive reports and insights to lower spend on irrelevant searches as Karooya! I can only recommend opting in now, your investment will be returned x10 in saved ad-spend.

- Mads Christensen
RelyOn Nutec

I've used a LOT of software in my more than 14 years of being active in e-commerce. I've never used any software - ever - where the ROI was so clear-cut and so enormously positive as was the case with Karooya. I spent just a total of 2 1/2 hours optimizing my Google Ads account, and in doing so, I was able to trim about 15% of our TOTAL ANNUAL spend. This money was being completely WASTED!

I'm so, so thrilled I found Karooya, this is an actual game changer (I know, I know, how many times have you heard that? Well, for once, it's actually true!).

In a sea of useless or downright detrimental paid apps, tools, and people and companies that make all sorts of promises that never come to fruition, know that this is the real deal. Don't hesitate, don't waver -- if your company spends any significant sort of money on Google, and has done so for any length of time beyond a few months, get Karooya.

It'll be the best money you'll invest in your company this year, I'd bet on it.

- Robin Weber

Before I chose Karooya as my Campaign management platform. I have tried some other software. You could try what I Tried. but believe me, You would choose like what I chose. About pricing, you will consider that what you paid for is more than worthy.

I have been in PPC industry since 2012, and started to focus on it since 2015. Just before I Found Karooya's platform, I had 12k negatives keywords in my list, and you know what? karooya's "MUST ADD negative keywords" , and it's "multi words negative keywords" made me realize that I could have saved thousands of dollars if I had used it from beginning and what I love most is the Karooya's Opportunity keywords.

Today, I Have 15k total in negatives keywords, with 30% ROI increasement, and I still watch for what these "opportunity keywords" could do with my campaign. cant wait for it.

- Galih A B

As a Google Ads professional, I'm always looking for ways to make my clients more money while saving myself time so I can get more done. I have always utilised negative keywords extensively, but only at the ad group-level and campaign-level. When I started using Karooya, I realised I'm overlooking huge savings potential because I'm ignoring account-level keyword patterns. In less than an hour, I was able to help a client save $5,735/year (17% of their spend) by following Karooya's recommendations. Amazing!

- Eugeine Geyser

This tool helps to save a lot of time finding negative and even positives keywords. It is really helpful to save money without spending much effort. It’s easy to use and the reports are exactly what I need. I’m sure the investment into Karooya’s Negative Keyword Tool will be returned within short time.

- Gerald Kallinger
Owner, sprichweb.at

This tool is simply amazing! It allows us to mine negative keyword data in a way that is impossible to do manually, identifying opportunities to save money and improve conversions. Furthermore the full suite of tools allows us to identify new opportunities to generate additional conversions. This is the only Adwords tool that we use every single day, and most days we discover a new way of using the data generated, for the benefit of our clients.

- PPC Pros at Web Profits Consulting

I have easily saved 100s of hours - no more hassle of copy-pasting and managing multiple spreadsheets to discover and manage negative keywords. This negative keywords tool is immensely helpful!

- Rahul Gupta
Founder, PLAHero, India

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