Issues with handling large scale search terms

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After updating the search term report with fewer search terms in September 2020, Google recently announced that advertisers will see more search queries received starting from February 2021. How advertisers can tackle such large scale data, we discuss that in this post.

6 Steps For A Strong Amazon Keyword Strategy

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Advertisers need to build a robust keyword strategy that can help reach audiences that are difficult to reach organically. In Amazon Ads, a similar practice needs to be followed. What differs, is the manner in which the keyword list is compiled. We discuss the ways to do that in this post.

How To Import Amazon Attribution Data In Google Ads

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Using Amazon’s attribution, advertisers can analyze cross-channel performance. As Amazon provides you with raw data, it becomes harder to trace the data back to the source. To have a better understanding of their Google Ads performance, advertisers must determine the specific origin of the click.