How To Find Negative Keywords From Amazon Ads?

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A lot has already been spoken about Negative Keywords. It’s not a new concept for advertisers. They help to omit those search queries which are not important and focus on the ones which matter to your business. They are also a way to achieve desirable growth and success and helps advertisers to improve their ACoS.

How To Reduce Amazon Ads ACoS?

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ACoS or Advertising Cost of Sales is one important metric to measure your Amazon Ads performance. Here we learn how a low ACoS is a key performance indicator and hence reducing your ACoS become oneĀ  of the major tasks for advertisers.

Using The New Product Targeting in Amazon Ads

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Earlier this year, we did a post which dealt with the new targeting options introduced forĀ Automatic Targeting. With this post we look into the options announced for manual targeting and how to go about setting it up for your Amazon Ads campaigns.