Monthly Roundup | Top PPC News | February 2021

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Welcome to the PPC News edition. Here is a quick recap of what was trending in the month of February! Google has made RSA the default ad type for search campaigns, Changes to Phrase Match and Broad Match Modifier, Improve your bidding practice with enhanced manual bidding, N-gram methodology in Karooya’s Negative Keywords Tool and,… Read more »

PPCChat | Google’s Latest Keyword Matching Changes | 9th February 2021

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This week’s PPCChat discussion was focused on the recent announcement from Google Ads regarding BMM folding into Phrase Match. Host Julie F Bacchini sought PPCers reaction towards this announcement, how are they planning to work in this new system, will they consider using BMM after this announcement, and more.  

PPCChat | Impostor Syndrome | 2nd February 2021

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We all can admit that at some point in life we have struggled with Impostor Syndrome and PPCers are no different. In this week’s session, Julie F Bacchini tries to find out how impostor syndrome is affecting experts, how do they cope, have they found any resources that are helpful in combating this, and more.