PPCChat | Taking the Frenzy Out of PPC | 13th September 2022

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Greetings Happy Readers! This week’s PPCChat session was inspired by Kirk William’s article “It’s time to de-frenzy PPC“. During the session, host Julie F Bacchini found out how experts handle emergency requests from clients/stakeholders, do they have any processes in place to handle the frenzied atmosphere, and more.

PPCChat | Managing PPC in Unsettled Economic Times | 5th September 2022

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Due to uncertain economic conditions, managing PPC is an uphill task. Are experts concerned about the economy relative to the industry as we approach Quarter4? Are their clients bringing up any economic concerns? Are PPCers seeing any impact on the accounts they handle? These were the questions for which host Julie F Bacchini sought answers… Read more »

How to Structure Amazon PPC Campaign

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Amazon PPC has recently emerged as a major ad platform. It gives sellers the chance to move their product listings ahead of their rivals. But setting up the right campaigns and managing them efficiently can be challenging. 

Monthly Roundup | Top PPC News| August 2022

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Missed out on the essential announcements & updates from major PPC platforms? Here is a quick recap of what was trending in the month of August. We hope you will find some helpful insights in this month’s roundup.

PPCChat | What Metrics Matter in PPC in 2022 | 30th August 2022

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What metrics are most important in managing PPC, what metrics do clients care about the most, and in experts’ opinion, what is the most overrated PPC metric, these were some of the questions which were answered during this week’s PPCChat session. Here is the screencap of this entire session which was hosted by Julie F… Read more »