Digital Ads Benchmark Report By Tinuiti | Q1 2023 | Key Highlights

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The Q1 2023 Digital Ads Benchmark Report by Tinuiti, a digital marketing agency in the United States, provides insights into quarterly trends for Google, Meta, Amazon, and other platforms. The report is based on anonymized performance data from advertising programs managed by Tinuiti, and highlights several key findings, which are outlined below.

Monthly Roundup | Top PPC News | April 2023

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Greeting readers! Presenting another edition of significant PPC news to ensure you are well informed about the latest developments and improvements in the industry. A few of the developments include enhanced GA4 conversion import, new validations for Google ads account names, the coming of generative AI to Google ads, professional service ads in Microsoft advertising… Read more »

PPCChat | When Platforms Meltdown | 25th April 2023

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Hello readers! The PPCChat sessions serve as a valuable resource for staying informed on the latest perspectives and challenges faced by the PPC industry’s experts. This week’s discussion focused on the recent Facebook platform meltdown and its impact on PPC professionals, with Julie F Bacchini hosting the session.