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Negative keywords help restrict an ad from being displayed for search queries that are not related with the business or are not the audience that they intend to connect with. How does one find these negative keywords? There are many ways through which one can ascertain what keywords to add as negative keywords, here’s a post on 6 ways to find negative keywords that will guide you with the same. .

In this post we will discuss how advertisers can make use of the ‘Search Term’ report from Bing and find out terms that are unwanted


Step 1:  Go to reports tab

Step 2: Select Report Type as “Search Term”

Step 3: Select Date Range, preferably select a longer duration like 6 months

Step 4: If you have multiple accounts, select one account at a time

Step 5: Click on the “Download”

Bing Search Term Report


Step 6: Now go through the Search Term column to see if there are any terms that are irrelevant to your business. You need to review only Broad and Phrase search queries. You can still review Exact Match search queries, if you want to identify close variants that are irrelevant to you.

Bing Report


Step 7: Copy such terms to an excel sheet along with campaign name. Ensure that terms are using the right match type.

Step 8: Finally, put these terms in the appropriate campaign or shared negative list if you want to apply it to multiple campaigns.

Negative Keyword List:

Shared Negative List Step 3


Add Negative keyword at campaign level:

Campaign Negative Keyword


Check our step by step guide on how to add negative keywords to Bing. Also, check this comprehensive guide on negative keywords match types for bing


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