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Your ad copy is incomplete without the usage of ad extensions. With Google having reported a 10-15% increase in CTR on an average as a result of ad extensions, it becomes a must-have component of your ad messaging.


1. Additional Information

Ad extensions lets you offer other information that you might miss out mentioning in your ad messaging. The many ad extensions available allows you to segregate the information accordingly such as review extension to show user reviews, call extension to drive calls to your business etc. Here is an article detailing the ad extensions.


(Note: Please check the update at the end of the post.)


2. Impacts your ad rank

Hal Varian in a video explaining the AdWords Auction, clearly stated the impact of ad extensions on ad rank. Click here to see the video explaining the same. Adding ad extensions affects your quality score as both your CTR and ad relevance eventually improves the ad rank.


3. Make your ad more authentic

With your business details such as the phone no. or the business location mentioned in the ad copy, the user has no doubt left on the authenticity of the business. Such informed details results in it being treated as less suspicious and user levying trust on you.


4. Improves CTR

As your ad offers more information, a user is more likely to click it. For example,showing location extension to a user looking for a store to visit, results in immediate action and hence is an appropriate extension to be used in case a business has a business store.

adwords location ad extensions



Using ad extensions, comes along with a quick audit guide, to make sure that you do not miss out on the important things while putting the extensions to use. Here is a helpful post on ‘How To Audit Your AdWords Account For Ad Extensions?


You can also get help from our ‘Free AdWords Audit Report‘ to find out which campaigns are missing out on extensions juice.


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[Update in February, 2018] – Review extension has been discontinued on Google AdWords.


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