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Sometimes the ad copy isn’t sufficient enough to connect with your audience. To help advertisers share additional pieces of information in AdWords and Bing Ad, ad extensions provides the options depending on what you want to show. For example, if you wish to direct customers to your store you can use the location extension, similarly if you wish to drive calls to your business you can use the call extension.

Depending on the convenience of users AdWords and Bing Ads update their ad extensions with enhancements or improvements. Bing Ads recently introduced two new extensions.


As you must be handling your PPC accounts both on AdWords and Bing Ads, knowing what all ad extensions are common will ensure that the campaigns are aligned on both platforms.



Here’s updating you with the ad extensions currently available in Bing Ads and AdWords.



1. Sitelink Extension


These are the additional links that are displayed along with your ad copy. The links are specific landing pages where you wish to drive the audience.


Bing Ads AdWords
  • Limit of 35 characters in headline and description
  • You can add upto 10 sitelinks for each campaign
  • Limit of 25 characters in headline and 35 characters in description
  • You can add upto 20 sitelinks per ad group or campaign


Here’s how the sitelink extensions appear in Bing


bing sitelink ad extensions


Here’s how the sitelink extensions appear in Google:


adwords sitelink ad extensions



2. Review Extension


Advertisers can display reviews from trusted sources to show how their product or service is accepted.


Bing Ads AdWords
  • Limit of 67 characters to add the text and the source of the review
  • You can add upto 20 review extensions for each campaign & ad group
  • Limit of 67 characters to add the text and the source of the review
  • Reviews mustn’t be more than 12 months’ old


Here’s the snapshot of review extension in Bing:


bing review ad extensions

(Note: Please check the update at the end of the post.)


3. Location Extension


With location extension you can direct your audience to your business location or store as well as your phone number to connect easily.


Bing Ads AdWords
  • You can display your business location along with your phone number
  • The extension is added at the campaign level
  • You can display the business address, phone number, business hours & Google reviews & ratings
  • Link your AdWords account with your ‘Google My Business’ account



Location extension in Google is displayed as following:


adwords location ad extensions


4. Call Extension


In both Bing Ads and AdWords, call extension serve the purpose of driving calls to your business. Either through your own phone number or through Google’s / Bing’s forwarding number, you can start tracking your conversion through clicks.


Bing Ads AdWords
  • Bing Ads forwarding number is only available in US and UK
  • Addintional charges apply for Bing Ads forwarding number
  • You can add one call extension per campaign
  • Google forwarding number feature is available in select countries
  • It is free to use the Google forwarding number for your ads with call extension
  • You can add upto 20 call extensions to each campaign or ad group


Here’s the call extension in Google:






5. Callout Extension


Callouts are 25 character long text that lets you offer information related to your business, promotions or any other feature that you wish to highlight.


Bing Ads AdWords
  • You can add 20 callout extensions in your campaign or ad group
  • Minimum 2 callouts must be associated with your ad for it to be served
  • Minimum 2 callout extensions and upto four extensions can feature with your ad


Here’s the callout extension in Bing:


bing callout extension


Here’s how Google displays the callout extension:


adwords callout ad extensions



6. App Extension


If you have an app that you want to promote along with your ad,you can do so with the help of app extensions. This lets you direct your customers to the app store or download it based on your OS.


Bing Ads AdWords
  • App link text can have upto 35 characters
  • Supports apps in iOS, Android, Windows Phone & Windows
  • App link text can have upto 25 characters
  • Supports apps in iOS and Android



Unique Ad Extensions in Bing Ads and AdWords


The above mentioned are the extensions common in both AdWords and Bing Ads. Here is a list of ad extensions unique on these platform:


Automated extensions are generated automatically by AdWords and hence no set up is required unlike the other manual extensions


Bing Ads AdWords
  • Image Extension – Add visuals to your ad with image extensions to help customers find out relevant results concerning their search query. Even if you don’t have a relevant image you can use your logo instead.
  • Social Extension (Testing in US) – Though under testing, this extension will direct users to your social media handles
  • Structured Snippet Extension – Highlight specific attributes of your product/service with this extension
  • Automated Extensions – These extensions are generated automatically by AdWords and hence no set up is required unlike the other manual extensions
    • Consumer Ratings – Industry specific ratings based on consumer survey
    • Previous Visits – Earlier visits made by user to the business site.
    • Dynamic Structured Snippets – To show additional anding page details
    • Seller ratings – Displays your online business ratings



This was a recap of the current ad extensions available. While it is important to know the common ad extensions for a smooth import and execution on both the platforms, knowing the unique extensions can help leverage your ad quality too.


Though this list is subject to change with more ad extension underway, but lets seal today’s date with the ones mentioned here.


[Update in February, 2018] – Review extension has been discontinued on Google AdWords.


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