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Unwanted keywords drive unwanted traffic that falls hard on the PPC pockets. To curb the flow of traffic via irrelevant keywords, Negative Keywords act as a savior. But using negative keywords goes with the caution of using it carefully and diligently so that in no way the prospects get blocked. Having defined the relevance of negative keywords in an earlier post, you might already be managing Bing Ads and Google Ads account together. In that case, making sure that new additions in your negative keywords are updated timely in the Bing account. To do so, importing the same helps reduce the effort of manually entering each negative keyword yourself.


In this post, we will discuss how you can import your Campaign Level Negative Keywords and Shared Negative Keywords from your Google Ads account to your Bing Ads account.



Import Multiple Campaign Level Negative Keywords


Step 1: Go to your Google Ads account. Click on Campaigns and then on Keywords


Step 2: Click on negative Keywords Tab and Download the Campaign Level Negative Keywords

Download Campaign Negatives


Step 3: The downloaded report is in the following format:


Negative Report



Step 4: To import these keywords to Bing’s interface, download the template from here and feed in the details, which will look something like this

Note: Make sure the campaign name matches the campaign you wish to import to in your Bing Ads account.

Bing Import Template



Step 5: Go to your Bing Ads account and click on ‘Import from file’

Import Bing


Step 6: Select your file and then click on Continue

Select File


Step 7: Now, match the respective data fields with the columns of your file and continue if the data looks fine.

Review Columns


Step 8: Choose the data that is being imported here i.e, Negative Keywords

Select Import Details


Step 9: Check your import summary for any issues

Import Summary


Step 10: Now, view your imported negative keywords

imported successfully


Note: Bing Ads do not accept ‘Broad Match Type’ as negative keywords. So, if your negative keywords have broad match type assigned to it then they will be automatically updated to Phrase Match Type



Import Campaign Negative Keywords


Here are the steps that you should follow to import campaign-specific negative keywords from AdWords to Bing Ads


Step 1: Go to campaigns and select the campaign from which you wish to import the negative keywords


Step 2: Go to Keywords and then to Negative Keywords

select negative keywords


Step 3: Now download the negative keywords from the selected campaign

download negative keywords


Step 4: Now copy the negative keywords from the downloaded report.

copy negative keywords


Step 5: Got to your Bing account and select the campaign to which you wish to add the copied negative keywords


Step 6: Got to Keywords, then select ‘Negative Keywords’ and click on ‘Add Negative Keywords’

add negative keywords bingads


Step 7: Now paste the copied negative keywords here and save

Note: Remember that all your broad match type keywords will be added as phrase match type. 

You can repeat the aforesaid steps for copying ad group level negative keywords as well. Just replace the Step 3 with downloading the Ad Group negative keywords report. and the pasting it in the Bing Ads ad group you want.



Import Shared Negative Keyword Lists


To import your shared negative keywords list from AdWords to Bing Ads follow the below mentioned steps:


Step 1: You have to first download the shared negative lists from AdWords. For that go to shared library and then to Campaign Negative Keywords

Shared List AdWords


Step 2: Select the list you wish to import

select negative list


Step 3: Now download the negative keywords

download report


Step 4: The format looks like below

download report negative list


Step 5: Now go to your Bing account and click on ‘Shared Library’

bing shared library


Step 6: Click on ‘View Campaign Negative Keywords’

create list


Step 7: Click on ‘Create negative keyword list’

create new list


Step 8: Now enter the details and copy-paste the negative keywords from the downloaded report (remember broad match keywords will be converted to phrase match)

paste negative keywords


You can repeat the above procedure for the other negative keyword lists too.

Now that you are aware of how you must import negative keywords from AdWords to Bing Ads, make sure to repeat the process whenever you add a new negative keyword in your AdWords account. It will ensure smooth execution of your Bing Ads campaign as well and will make sure that you can further ascertain which worked better for you Bing Ads or AdWords.

So, streamline your tasks and continue updating your account with negative keywords.


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