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2015 was a wonderful year for Karooya and its customers. Karooya’s customers saved over $3 million in annual ad spend by using Karooya’s negative keywords tool.

We are starting 2016 with an important product update. Karooya now offers Negative Keywords Tool for Bing.  Now that you have read the TL;DR version, here is more information on this announcement.


Bing is Big


Late last year, Microsoft announced their aggressive plans to expand Bing. Microsoft professed their unequivocal support for Bing and to be an important search player. Last year, Bing renewed its partnership with Yahoo to power search and ads on Yahoo. In October 2015, Microsoft announced that Bing has reached revenue of $1 Billion per quarter.

Starting 1st January, 2016, search ads on AOL are powered by Bing. Bing is also being integrated with Microsoft’s newest Windows edition, Windows 10.

According to comScore, As of December 2015, Bing had a little more than 20% market share. If you consider Bing, AOL and part of Yahoo, together, Bing Ads will be served at volume that just can’t be ignored.


comScore Search Market Share


PPC Experts Weight In


Even PPC experts agree that Bing needs to be taken seriously.  Google is a very visible and hyper-competitive channel. While it continues to be one of the best, if not the best, channels to drive paid traffic, the competition can be overwhelming. It’s hard to compete with small budget. Plus, there is always saturation. Even though Google is quite big, the search inventory is finite. The keywords that profitably work for you is small.  In such case, having another alternative channel like Bing Ads means cost-effective incremental traffic. 


PPC Pros on Bing Ads
Of course, apart from all these macro developments, we also received some micro-feedback about support for Bing. This was a clear indication that many search advertisers in USA are seriously considering or already advertising on Bing.  Some customers are getting as much as 25% conversions from Bing as that of Google. Even though, the published market share numbers for Bing are on the lower side, due to less competition, advertisers can get more conversions from Bing.


Using less-restrictive Match Type to realize Bing’s full potential


In 2015, Bing also announced bunch of improvements to their Broad Match type which promised more relevant traffic. You can check out a detailed presentation from Bing team here.

According to the numbers published, 44% potential clicks are lost to competition if broad match is not used.

Bing broad match clicks


Using Broad Match can bring more traffic which was previously untapped. But, it also exposes advertisers’ account to, from a client’s perspective, potentially irrelevant and/or poor converting traffic. Broad Match is like driving a very nice car without any brakes.

This is where Karooya helps advertisers.


Karooya + Bing = Win!


Our negative keywords tool has been battle-tested with hundreds of Google AdWords accounts. We bring the same goodness to Bing Ads.

With Karooya, advertisers will be able to

  • Easily identify terms and keyword themes that are irrelevant and/or converting poorly
  • Save wasted ad spend by blocking search terms that are not bringing conversion
  • Sync all the negative keywords identified with our software directly to your Bing campaigns. No more copy-pasting the terms from Excel sheet to web interface or Bing Ads Editor

We also support shared negative list. You will be able to add a negative keyword to shared negative keyword list directly.


Note: Karooya’s Negative Keywords Tool for Bing Ads is now Free for accounts with ad spend less than $10,000 per month. Save 10-20% of your search ad spend for free. Sign up and start saving your ad budget now.





More to come


There are more goodies available for optimizing your Bing account. We are also baking some nice things to make your life just a little easier when you manage multiple search platforms. I would be glad to provide you a demo, personally.

We are super-excited to bring this to you. We hope, our solution will help you achieve super-normal results with Bing Ads.

Go ahead, sign up for a free trial! I look forward to giving you a demo.



Stop wasted ad spend with Karooya

Stop the wasted ad spend. Get more conversions from the same ad budget.

Our customers save over $16 Million per year on Google and Amazon Ads.

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