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Budget becomes one of the most critical aspects to watch when you start your campaign. However, if you have multiple campaigns to monitor or multiple accounts to look into, then monitoring each one gets tedious.

To solve this problem, we have built a script that will send an alert if the campaign is hitting closer to the budget allocated.

About Google Ads Budget Script

In this script, you need to set up the email ID where you want to receive the alerts and the percentage cap for your campaign budget. Once the campaign budget nears the budget cap specified by you, you will receive an email alert. You can decide on doing the following once you receive the budget exhaustion alert:

  • Increase your budget to continue running your campaign for the day
  • Pause the campaign and reactivate it the next day

Don’t forget to set the frequency of the script to hourly. This will ensure that the budget is monitored before it reaches its limit.

google ads scripts frequency hourly

Here are the variable components that you will need to add:

WARNING_PERCENTAGE_CAP – It is the percentage of a campaign’s budget that needs to have been spent for the tool to consider that campaign over the cap and warn about it

CAMPAIGN_NAME_CONTAINS & CAMPAIGN_NAME_EXCLUDES – These variables are to help you reduce the number of campaigns to a smaller number.

EMAILS – Add the email address where you want the hourly update to be sent to. If you’d like to send to multiple addresses then have them separated by commas.

Get Your Google Ads Budget Alert Script here

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