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After updating the search term report with fewer search terms in September 2020, Google recently announced that advertisers will see more search queries received starting from February 2021. How advertisers can tackle such large scale data, we discuss that in this post.

What has changed

According to Google:

We’re able to show you more queries that meet our privacy standards in the search terms report for Search and Dynamic Search Ads campaigns. This data will now be shown in your reports for queries you received starting from February 1, 2021

While staying within the privacy threshold set, advertisers may identify new keyword themes and take actions to improve their ad effectiveness following this update.

What you can expect

Additional data for advertisers to understand customer intent will offer up more possibilities. However, it comes along with some challenges that would need to be addressed alongside. The volume of search terms is expected to grow manifold.

Two of our large accounts, have seen an increase of 1100% and 950% in search terms volume. So handling such large data can become cumbersome. Here is what you can do make analysis easier.

1. Deciding on how to analyze

Whatever analysis you were running until now, might not either work now or it might slow down considerably. Try to run various analysis, like segmenting by date and running a weekly/ monthly/ quarter analysis, depending on the magnitude of information available.

2. Filter & Analyze Data

Create filters to analyze your search terms. You could decide to only check search terms for specific match types such as check your broad match types triggered search terms to identify any low prospect terms.

You could also create filters based on other parameters such as impression, clicks, cost, conversion, etc. This will drill down your search terms for quick analysis.

3. We could help

Our Negative Keywords Tool can help you identify negative keywords easily. We run a deep analysis and identify areas of wasted ad spend, for you to take action on. You can skip all the manual work in digging into your search terms report and refer to our recommendation list to add negative keywords with just one-click.

But still this is Good News!

What changes have you seen in your search terms report, since this announcement? And what action steps have you taken to strategically analyze your search terms? Let us know in the comments below.

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