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It’s been a month since Google announced limiting the search terms report with terms having significant data, leaving everyone shocked. We looked into two of our accounts to analyze what impact this change has had.

What has changed?

Google announced that starting September 2020, the search terms report will exclude terms that were not searched by significant number of users.

They did not elaborate more on what ‘significant number of users’ meant and what are the benchmarks followed.

So, we looked into two of our accounts to understand how the change has impacted the account.

The Findings

Here onwards the two accounts will be referred to as account A and B. (We have analyzed and compared the search terms data of August and September month. )

In these two accounts the blue pie slice depicts the percentage of search terms that were excluded from the September month but were available in the search terms report of the August month. No search terms below 50 impressions were captured in the September month’s STR.

In account A the excluded search terms accounted for about 5.69% of the total impressions in the month of August, whereas in account B the search terms accounted for 4.40% of the total impressions.

In account A the impressions change from August to September was -5.82% whereas in account B the impressions change was about -7.20%

In account A the excluded search terms generated 4.91% of total clicks and 2.79% of the total conversions received. In account B, the low impression search terms generated generated 4.03% of the total clicks received and 3.72% of the total conversions, in the month of August.

These search terms accounted for 2.82% of the total spend in account A and 3.22% of the total spend in account B.

The outcome

Though the number of search terms have reduced, they did not contribute much to the two accounts being analyzed here. So, as of now, we can conclude that the accounts in question here, are not missing out on a lot of data. But we will be monitoring them for more understanding and how things take a turn in the next few months.

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