Get More Customers from AdWords with Text Messages

Reach Your Customers via SMS. Measure Text Message Conversions.

Click-to-Message Extension is a great way for your customers to reach you with a text message when they see your ad on Google. This, in some aspects, is better than call extension as it allows your customers to reach you even outside the business hours. Customers can use this text message to schedule a call, if they are unavailable for a call at that moment. Due to the ease of reaching, some customers may prefer to contact you via a text message.

Problem is, as of now, there is no way to track these messages as conversions in AdWords.

Additionally, for a variety of reasons, you would not want to give out a personal mobile number to your customers to receive text messages.

We offer you a solution to fix this.

How It Works

Step 1: Sign up with us. You will get a phone number in your country of choice (Currently, USA, UK and Canada are supported. Contact us, if your country is not supported currently. We will see what can be done.).

Step 2: Use this number to create Message Extension in your Google AdWords account. Enter the phone number, received in earlier step, in the highlighted area in AdWords interface. Associate this extension with your active AdWords campaign(s). This guide from Google AdWords explains in detail how to set up message extension.

Create Message Extension

Step 3: Users may see message extension with your ad. When a user clicks on this extension, it opens the SMS app on the user’s mobile phone with pre-populated message (that you configured in step 2.)

Step 4: When user sends that message, we will receive that message. We will notify you by email and SMS. This message is counted as a conversion.

Step 5: With Karooya, you will be able to respond to your customers’ messages. The customer receives the messages from the number we gave you in Step 1. It’s as if the customer is texting a friend.

Learn how this tool helps you in this short video

(You can watch it on mute.)


(Currently, works only in USA)

  • Send your email address in a text message to +1-620-708-4680 (that’s our number). If you are viewing this page on mobile phone right now, click here.
  • You will get a text message as a response.
  • We will also send you an email confirming your phone number.

Go, try it!


We are still working on it.

Starter Pro Enterprise
$0 / Month Coming soon Coming soon
1 Phone Number 10 Numbers 10+ Numbers
200 Leads / Mo 500 Leads / Mo 500+ Leads
Alerts by Email + SMS Alerts by Email + SMS Alerts by Email + SMS
AdWords Integration AdWords Integration AdWords Integration
14 Days Data Retention 2 Months Data Retention Custom
Auto Response SMS Auto Response SMS
Shared Inbox for Teams Shared Inbox for Teams
Currently, we are offering only the free plan. If you have higher usage, please reach us at
Twilio SupportIf you want to bring your own numbers, we can import your phone numbers from Twilio account. This is useful if you have dozens of phone numbers across channels and campaigns. Contact us for more details -