AdWords + Text Messages + Karooya = More Customers

Let Your Customers Reach You via Text Messages

Click-to-Message Extension is a great way for your customers to reach you with a text message when they see your ad on Google. It allows your customers to reach you even outside the business hours. It takes, literally, 2 taps on the mobile phone to contact you. Yes, just two taps! Text messages and phone calls are the Yin and Yang of mobile advertising.

Here is how an ad with message extension looks like.

Ad with Message Extension

Problem is, as of now, there is no way to track these messages as conversions in AdWords.

Plus, you would not want to give out a mobile number for your customers to send you a text message.

Finally, if you have multiple people who can receive and respond to customers’ messages, you will not be able to do that with a single phone.

We offer you a solution to fix these problems.

How It Works - Short Version

  1. Get local phone numbers from Twilio.
  2. Import Twilio phone numbers in Karooya's Messaging App.
  3. Configure message extension in Google AdWords with these phone numbers.
  4. When customers reach you via text messages, Karooya will send an alert to you.

How It Works - Step By Step

  1. Get Phone Number(s) First, you need a phone number to receive the text messages. Sign up with Twilio and allocate yourself a number of your choice. Check Twilio’s (reasonable) pricing for phone numbers as well as text messages.
  2. Copy the Account SID and Auth Token from the Twilio Dashboard as shown here. You will need it to import the phone numbers from Twilio account to Karooya.
    Copy from Twilio console dashboard
  3. Sign up with Karooya.If you already have signed up with Karooya, visit the "Messages" link in top bar after login.
  4. Twilio + Karooya: Link your Twilio account with Karooya by updating the settings
    Create Message Extension
  5. Now, you can import the phone numbers allocated in your Twilio account to Karooya.
  6. Configure Message Extension: Use the phone number(s) configured with Karooya to create Message Extension in your Google AdWords account. Associate the Message Extension with your AdWords campaigns.
    Create Message Extension
  7. Start Texting Your Customers: When your customers reach you via text messages, we will alert you (by email and text message) to inform you about the customers' messages.

Benefits of Using Karooya’s Message Tracking

  • No lock-in - Some call tracking solutions own the phone number that you are using in your marketing promotions. If you want to move out of their service, you have to pay up their, sometimes high, fees. Here, you own the phone numbers. They are yours. If you decide to move on from Karooya’s tool to some other call or text message tracking tool, you can do it at any time.
  • Integration with AdWords - You will get a report for number of conversions received via text messages. This will help you find the accurate ROI of your ad spend with AdWords.
  • Chat with Customers: We provide a nice interface to chat with your customers. You can use this interface from your browser on laptop, mobile or tablet. You will be able to reply to customers’ messages using our interface. The customer will receive messages from the same number to which she reached out. That will show up as a neat conversation on customers’ messaging app.
  • Shared Access to Messages: Your entire team can access messages received and sent for all the numbers in your account. Their views are updated in real-time to give you the latest messages.
  • Message-Only Numbers: You can allocate separate phone numbers to receive phone calls. These numbers can be used only for text messages. If a customer calls, you can send an auto-response and get notified about such calls.
  • No Personal Phones: You don’t need a mobile phone or multiple phones to receive text messages from customers. Instead, you have virtual phone numbers, that are inexpensive and reliable. (They don’t need to be charged every 24 hours, you see.)
  • Lower CPCs: If you have an ad extension that your competitors do not use, you will benefit from higher Ad Rank and lower CPCs.
  • Not Just AdWords: You can use this solution for any marketing channel - offline or online, paid or organic, search or display, Google or Facebook or Bing. For example, you can put a Call to Action for your customers visiting via organic channel (aka SEO) to reach you via text message.


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