Importance of Bid Adjustments for a Successful AdWords Campaign

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AdWords is a flexible platform where marketers can time and then make changes to optimize their campaign performance. Bid Adjustment is one of such feature that helps businesses meet that objective. You might have been managing bids at campaign, ad group or keyword level, but with bid adjustments you can set bids according to where your… Read more »

Digital Marketing Q3 Report by Merkle|RKG

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The Digital Marketing Report by Q3 shares some great insights on organic search, display advertising, impact of ad blocking in iOS 9, mobile traffic, evaluate performance of Yahoo Gemini. You can view the entire report by downloading it here.

Paid Search Is The Critical Source To Drive Traffic In Travel Industry

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The organic search result is witnessing less real estate as Google AdWords and other Google products such as Shopping, Google+, location, maps etc.are  pushing down the organic results down the page and down the screen. Brands relying on SEO to drive traffic must be rethinking of a more aggressive strategy than a dormant one.

Weekly PPC News – Seize holiday shopping moments with new tools and insights

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Shopping season is approaching and the PPC world is preparing retailers, marketers to be present in the shoppers micro-moments. Google announces Shopping Remarketing Lists to meet the objectives and also get detailed insight on the digital trends that will prevail this shopping season. Adding more insight on shopping campaigns is the Merkle RKG’s Digital Marketing Q3… Read more »

How to Use Ad Scheduling to Optimize Your AdWords Campaign?

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Do you have a business that runs on specific hours of a day or is closed on weekends? Are you then, running your ads during those unproductive hours or days? If the answer is yes, then you are surely wasting money on clicks that do not result in conversions. Assuming you have incorporated the conversion tracking… Read more »