6 Ways Small Business Owners Can Benefit From PPC

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Small businesses deter from investing in marketing initiative thinking that such a step might dilute their marketing budget. However, stringent steps if taken, makes some marketing options the best source to drive results for your business. One of such proliferating marketing option is pay-per-click advertising. If you haven’t yet thought it to be an option… Read more »

Google AdWords Paid Search (PPC) Trends in 2015

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A range of changes announced throughout this year has impacted the paid search landscape. On one hand it offers customers with easy access to information that they are searching for and on the other hand, advertisers are given ample opportunities to showcase relevant content. Such actions brings about meeting customer expectations and helping advertisers have… Read more »

Weekly PPC News – Top 10 AdWords Announcements of 2015

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Don’t miss the top announcements of the year 2015 and learn which ones could be adopted for your PPC strategy the next year. Also, learn about the Smart Goals feature and how it may actually be a beneficial tool for your business. Know about the common mistakes made in call tracking, make PPC work for… Read more »