Top PPC Posts – Nov 2016

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October saw a bunch of announcements made by Bing Ads and AdWords to make the upcoming holiday season more profitable for advertisers. The top ones include Bing Ads launching ETAs globally, AdWords soon aunching the distance and location reporting to determine store visits, Using AdWords app to stay in touch with your operational campaigns and more… Read more »

Weekly PPC News – Google Home Service Ads, New Distance and Location Reports and more

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Holiday season has brought about the discussion of what features to use to stay ahead of competition and reach out to shoppers. Here is the recap of articles that discuss about strategies to adopt during the peak season and more around the PPC space.   Top PPC Posts of last week:   1. ‘Tis the season, so… Read more »

AdWords Audit Checklist Part 1 – Account Structure, Tracking

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PPC account audit is a recurring task that helps refine your campaigns to meet marketing objective. Not only does it help you find areas of improvement but also identifies opportunities that were missed out while creating your campaign. This is a wide domain, so we have decided to bring out the key elements that you… Read more »

Why Device Type Analysis Is Important To Determine Your AdWords Traffic Inflow

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With customers using varied platforms to access information, advertisers are using this as an opportunity to reach out to them with their message wherever they are. However, simultaneously it becomes crucial to ascertain which is the source of traffic that is driving results? Knowing so, helps tailor your message as per the device type or invest… Read more »

[Transcript] Display: Reaching the People You Want Where They Are

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Susan Wenogard, Partner Search Engine Marketing, Five Mills Inc., lead an interesting session during the SLCSEM Digital Marketing Conference where she discussed about Display Ads, Audiences targeting for display ads, Gmail ads and gave insights that sure will help advertisers see the results they desire from their Display campaigns. You can view the video here… Read more »