[Transcript] Bing Ads Webinar – Advertise Globally with Bing Ads

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This Bing Ads Webinar focuses on the aspects of entering new markets with your Bing Ads campaigns. Experts Kiran Moryani and Charles Chuang (Marketing Lead) break down their discussion into the four quintessential steps one should take when planning to go global. From knowing the audience to making your message locally relevant, from utilizing the growing… Read more »

Importing Negative Keyword From AdWords To Bing Ads

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Unwanted keywords drive unwanted traffic that fall hard on the PPC pockets. To curb the flow of traffic via irrelevant keywords, Negative Keywords act as a savior. But using negative keywords goes with the caution of using it carefully and diligently so that in no way the prospects gets blocked. Having defined the relevance of negative… Read more »