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From speculations of Apple creating an ad product for their App store to the highlights of industry specific benchmarks. Learn about AdWords script to simplify your work of allocating your monthly PPC budget, get insight on some creative retargeting ad ideas, easy step to manage your low volume keywords. All this and more in this week’s PPC news.

Here are the highlights of the last week:


1. Report: Apple building AdWords-like ad product for the App Store

Here’s Greg Sterling reporting of an upcoming advertising platform by Apple which will offer direct competition to AdWords. Read this post for more information about this secret mission.


2. Local PPC for Multi-Location Companies

A generic ad messaging doesn’t work for multiple location and your targeted message might end up falling to deaf ears. Joe Martinez discusses the steps you should take to make sure you reach out to your niche audience in the correct fashion.

location targeting


3. A script to set recurring monthly budgets in AdWords

Distributing your monthly budget is generally done by dividing the budget by the no. of days. However, that just might not be the optimal way to do so. Frederick Vallaeys shares a useful script that will automate the process and make sure that the monthly budget is utilized effectively.


4. Managing Low Volume Keywords in the Alpha/Beta or Managed/Discovery Workflow

Brad Geddes discusses the Alpha/Beta workflow application might result in your business not showing for low volume keywords. Learn how you can fix this problem by applying a single step.




5. 7 Super-Creative, Crazy-Effective Retargeting Ad Ideas

Not sure of how to get going with your retargeting ads? Erin Sagin shares the 7 strategies that can help you create effective and creative retargeting ads. More details in this post.


6. 5 tips for leading a strong PPC team

Running a strong PPC campaign requires a strong paid search team too. Jeff Baum discusses the five tips that help build a successful team. Get access to the tips here.


7. View user access information for Manager accounts from a single location

With this new announcement Google introduced easy access to information regarding which accounts a user has access to. You can download the report easily to view the details.

managed accounts info


8. How Do Your Google AdWords Metrics Compare to Industry Averages? [New Benchmark Data]

Simplify your struggle of finding which metric will work for your business. Here are the highlights of the findings conducted by Wordstream and presented by HubSpot that will outline the industry specific benchmarks.


9. Are You Making These 8 AdWords E-Commerce Mistakes?

Often you might witness your Adwords not driving any results. Wesley Parker discusses the mistakes that one might be making and also the solution to fix them to unlock the full potential of AdWords. More in this post.


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