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In this week’s PPC News experts share their views on why advertisers must make business decisions for their AdWords campaigns. At what all places Google is taking over decision making and how advertisers must decide whether to do things on their own or let the system decide.


1. Here’s a script to stop ads from showing next to offensive videos

Frederick Vallaeys shares the script to identify low quality videos that your ad is showing for and might be the content you would not wish to be associated with

youtube adwords script


2. Why Google Shopping Yields Smaller Orders, and Why That Might Be Okay

Data shows that though PLAs and text ads roughly account for equal search ad traffic share, the average order value is found to be lower for PLAs than text ads. Andy Taylor discusses why and what should you do about it.


3. This Video Answers Your Burning Attribution Questions

Here is the webinar where Brad Geddes and Bjorn Espenes discuss about attribution management, how to choose which attribution model works for your and more.


4. A/B Testing Is Alive and Well

Melissa Mackey shares her outlook on whether A/B testing approach to test your ad message testing is outdated or not and why it might not be the best decision to let Google pick your winning ad for you.


5. The Impact of Google’s New Exact-Enough Match Keywords [Data]

An overview of how the exact match change has impacted the performance of some 100 accounts analyzed for this study. Allen Finn elaborates more in this post.

total spent exact match keywords


6. The Future Of Ads In AdWords

AdWords has been evolving the ads by first emphasizing on using responsive ads for GDN and secondly when asking advertisers to let Google decide their winning ad. Julie F Bacchini shares her views about it.


7. Cut Your PPC Checklist In Half With This Simple Move

Managing PPC activities across multiple platforms can become quite tedious. Breanna Lambert discusses how you can reduce some of the PPC tasks in your checklist by automating them.



Run a successful shopping campaign for your eCommerce account by avoiding these mistakes and increasing the overall performance of your campaign. Kelsey Hadaller discusses in this post.

shopping campaign exclude



9. Helping small businesses succeed in a mobile world

To empower businesses into using Facebook and Instagram, here are some solutions offered to advertisers to help them connect easily with their audiences.


10. AdWords “Optimize for Conversions” Ad Rotation Could Be Killing Your Conversions

Robert Brady shares a case study which suggests how not making decisions to run your ads on your own may result in costing a lot on your pocket.


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