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This week’s recap of ppc news covers google’s announcement of updating call ads, Facebook audience targeting, AdWords testing tools to put into practice, improvements made by Bing to simplify creating Expanded Text Ads and more.


1. A fast start to 2017 for click-to-call ads

AdWords announced a new series of updates that will help improve your click to call ads performance and drive more quality calls to your business.


2. How to Test IF / Default AdWords Ads

Brad Geddes shares how to get started with IF/ Default ads and the two ways to test them to come up with the appropriate message.

adwords if default ads



3. Boosting Your Reach With Facebook Lookalike Audiences

Of the many targeting options Facebook here is an elaboration on the Lookalike audience targeting, what it is, how to create it and helpful tips to excel in it.


4. Updating the default window for view-through conversions

From 29th March the default window for your view-through-conversions would be updated from 30 days to 1 day as ad views are speculated to get converted in a span of 1 day.


5. Bing Ads makes it easy to create Expanded Text Ads

Soon after following AdWords footsteps to launch the ETAs, Bing Ads are now introducing two new functionality to make it easier to adopt the new ad format.

bing ads ETA


6. 3 Tips for Effective Paid Search Audience Management

Libby Gulaskey shares helpful tips and guidelines to overcome the challenges of paid search audience targeting and gear your campaign for momentum.


7. The 10 Best AdWords Scripts to Scale your PPC Accounts

Wesley Parker shares the top AdWords scripts that can help automate some of the basic and even PPC tasks, and help scale up your PPC account.


8. 3 free AdWords testing tools to adopt today

Why analyzing data is a quintessential part of PPC and the free tools to help you create, run and analyze tests to optimize your AdWords ads. Todd Saunders discusses in this post.

DKI ad study


9. How To Scale Facebook Ads With Automation

Learn about Facebook automation rules, what they are and how it can help you optimize your Facebook ad management. Sahil Jain discusses in this post.



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