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This week’s ppc news covers insights from PPCers about the new Exact Match update announced by Google last week, what advertisers should see coming and how to stay prepared without getting much affected.


This and other news collated in this week’s PPC recaps


1. Bing Ads app for iOS and Android: Add Keyword Opportunities now available

Bing Ads app for iOS and Android have been updated with a new feature that helps identify new keyword opportunities for your campaigns.


2. The Step-By-Step Guide to Testing Voice Search Via PPC

Purna Virji shares a step-by-step guide to help you create a voice search test to address the significant voice search queries.


3. Bing Ads Editor supports eCPC and makes it easier to adopt Expanded Text Ads

New Bing Ads Editor 11.9 version now helps export your standard ads into expanded text ads format and supports eCPC.

export expanded text ads format


4. How to Analyze the Exact Match Change

Brad Geddes gives insight into the new development around Exact Match type keywords.Here are the things that you could expect and the actions to take when the change is made live.


5. The Continued Fuzzification Of Keywords

Here is another take on the exact match change by Julie F Bacchini.


6. Google Testing Product Listing Shopping Ads

Here is a look at a recent test Google seemed to running around Shopping ads where they are showing 3,4 or 6 PLAs instead of the usual 5 products. Jennifer Slegg discusses in this post.


product listing ad test


7. Automate and Better Manage Your Budget Through Scripts

Jacob Fairlough shares basics of ad budget scripts and how you can use it to optimize your budget management tasks.



Here are details about this new Spend Tracker Tool designed to help advertisers track their client’s spend. Brett Shrank elaborates in this post.


9. Optimize your Ads with Split Testing

Facebook has made testing advanced with the launch of split testing to help advertisers test out different attributes of their ads.

facebook split testing


10. Why Segmenting Campaigns By Match Type is the Best Structure for Google’s Exact Match Update

Kirk Williams discusses the alternative to the exact match update, which is to go with Match type segmentation. Know more about it in this post.


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