[Product Update] Negative Keywords Tool for Bing Ads

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2015 was a wonderful year for Karooya and its customers. Karooya’s customers saved over $3 million in annual ad spend by using Karooya’s negative keywords tool. We are starting 2016 with an important product update. Karooya now offers Negative Keywords Tool for Bing.  Now that you have read the TL;DR version, here is more information on… Read more »

Weekly PPC News – eCommerce PPC Ad Trends for 2016

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PPC is a world of ever growing knowledge. So how has PPC evolved in all these years, what does the year 2016 hold for marketers still exploring PPC, what features should they explore, how mobile has become the life of Google’s senior executive and more in this week’s PPC news. Here’s a news roundup of… Read more »

Weekly PPC News – 3 Easy Wins for PPC in 2016

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The year has jet-started with business planning and implementing new strategies for the year ahead. To make sure businesses benefit with an optimized and performing PPC account here are articles that discuss how you can organize your account, why AdWords is beneficial for small business, the must have extensions for your Bing PPC account, importance… Read more »