[Transcript] Bing Ads Webcast – The Art & Science of Ad Copy Testing

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Bing Ads recent webcast was on the ‘Art and Science of Ad Copy Testing’, where speakers discussed about how to be creative and analytical with your PPC ad copy. Moderated by MJ DePalma and virtually moderated by Frances Donegan-Ryan, SEM Pro Marketing Manager, Bing Ads, Mircrosoft , the speakers of this session were Purna Virji (Sr. Bing Ads Client Trainer,… Read more »

Adding Bulk Negative Keywords in AdWords Editor

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While managing multiple AdWords campaigns, you might want to visit and revisit your settings or have ready access to other AdWords features. To perform ongoing tasks seamlessly, AdWords Editor helps in winning over your routine revisions. Of the many recurring tasks, adding negative keywords is an essential task too. Knowing that you would end up saving… Read more »

[Transcript] 20 Questions with Today’s Top CRO Experts

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An interesting talk where experts attended to some of the questions around Conversion Rate Optimization. Moderated by Kieran Flanagan (VP Marketing, HubSpot) the panelists of this Q&A session were Pamela Vaughan (Principal Marketing Manager of Optimization, HubSpot), Larry Kim (Founder & CTO , Wordstream), Oli Gardner (Co-founder, Unbounce), Peep Laja (Founder, ConversionXL) and Rand Fishkin (Founder, Moz).