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We recently covered how negative keywords could be added in AdWords Editor. In continuation to that series, we in this post, take you through the step-by-step process of adding negative keywords in your Bing account via Bing Ads Editor.

Here are the quick steps to go about with adding your negative keywords:


Step 1: Go to your campaign in Bing Ads Editor


Step 2: Now, go to the ‘Keywords‘ tab, and then to ‘Negatives‘ tab

bing editor campaign negatives


Step 3: Click on ‘Make multiple changes‘ and choose the eligible option

bing editor choose multiple changes


Step 4: From the following pop-up, you can choose the ad groups and the campaigns to which you want to add negative keywords. Thereafter you can copy paste the negative keywords in the format as specified.

ad group negative data


Or you can specify the ‘campaign’ and ‘ad group’ in your data fields and copy paste it in the space provided

ad group negative data fields


Note: Here we are adding negative keywords to select ad groups


Step 6: After pasting the negative keywords, click on ‘Import’


Step 7: Your import will be processed in a couple of seconds

processing data



Step 8: The following page displays the summary of the import

bing editor import summary


Step 9: Review your recently imported negative keywords

review import negative keywords


Now, that the process is simplified you can seamlessly add negative keywords across multiple campaigns/ ad groups easily. Further, finding negative keywords is a pretty tedious task, so you might want to give Karooya’s Negative Keyword Tool a try and get all the help in finding all those irrelevant terms that are driving to your website. Save unwanted ad spend in minutes with the tool that reduces all the manual effort.


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