Weekly PPC News – Google Launches Customer Match & Universal App Campaigns

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Effectively manage your display campaigns, use custom labels to better your ROI, create remarketing list with Google Analytics Custom Dimensions and more articles on Gmail Ads, newly launched Customer Match and Universal App campaigns by Google AdWords. Check out what all was being talked about in the PPC domain:   1. Google brings you closer to your… Read more »

How to Expand Your Negative Keywords List?

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To ensure continuity of a result driven PPC campaign, marketers need to keep on building their negative keywords. So, if you thought creating negative keywords list once was enough, the answer is ‘Definitely Not’.   With time you might find more irrelevant terms for which your ad is getting triggered. It is advisable to stay on top… Read more »

How to Find AdWords Performance by States & Cities?

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With location targeting marketers can focus their ads towards audience their business wishes to cater. Further, they can track the performance of their ads in the locations targeted by reviewing the Geographic and User Location Reports.   This report is easily accessible under the settings tab. But if you are looking at account level information on location’s performance, then you have… Read more »

Are cuss words negative keywords?

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As a PPCer, you would have pre-decided on some negative keywords that you would want to assign to your campaign. Part of such irrelevant terms are the ‘curse words’ or swear words. Marketers do not want to in any way show their ads for such words. But are all search terms with the cuss words really irrelevant?… Read more »