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With location targeting marketers can focus their ads towards audience their business wishes to cater. Further, they can track the performance of their ads in the locations targeted by reviewing the Geographic and User Location Reports.

[Update as on 22nd October 2019] – The post was updated with latest images as per the new Google Ads interface)

AdWords Performance By Location


This report is easily accessible under the settings tab. But if you are looking at account level information on location’s performance, then you have to download the report and pivot by state or city, whatever is the requirement. If you are familiar with the steps then this post will just reiterate it for you.


However if you aren’t sure of how to go about it then we will help you with the step-by-step process to find the report and to further segregate it basis states or cities.


Step 1: Go to Google Ads account and Click on Locations

go to google ads campaign locations


Step 2: Click on ‘View Location Reports’ and select ‘Where your users were’ from the drop down menu. Click on the ‘Geographic Report’ drop down menu and select ‘User location report’ from it.

select user location report


Step 3: Select the location for which you would want to see the details. Then click on ‘Select View for (n) location(s)’

select location google ads



Step 4: Select city or state

select state or city google ads



Step 5: You will see the report basis your selection (state or city). Now, download this report

download user location report google ads



Step 6: Open the report. Click on insert tab and then select pivot table




Step 7: Select your data range and click on ‘Ok’




Step 8: Add ‘Location’ in the row label and Clicks, Impressions, Cost and Conversion in the ‘Column Values’




Step 9: You can additionally add columns CTR, CPC, Cost per Conversion and Conversion Rate to get insight on the performance state-wise



You can follow the above steps to get performance insight on cities as well. This data breakup is extremely useful in strategizing for future campaigns and should be adopted as a practice.



If you want to know which landing page is performing well in Google Ads , you can check out this step-by-step guide.


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    Thanks a lot for making this tutorial. I did not know how to break the data down by city. Thanks a lot.


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